Break Free From Self-Sabotage Workshop

Struggling with Unhealthy Habits?

COVID-19 quarantine life

Have you gained the Quarantine-15 (or some other amount of weight) and are not feeling so thrilled about it?

Spending too much time on the couch binge watching Neflix and not enough moving your body?

Picked up some other habits like constant snacking, drinking more wine, or doing things that leave you feeling less than your best?




This is a stressful time where it is easy to pick up or see an increase in habits that aren’t so good for your body or your health.

It is also a time when it can feel hard to implement new healthy habits. Stress and the unknown make it easy to seek comfort in familiar places (food and distraction) and more challenging to do things like exercise!

Yet deep inside, you don’t want to keep gaining weight, spending too much time binging your favorite show, mindlessly eating popcorn or chocolate… it is just a challenge to make new habits stick!


About the Workshop

We are excited to guide you through a workshop where we will dig deep into the new habits you’d like to create for yourself right now, the ones that you would like to release and WHY those changes are important to you

After setting up your new goals, we will talk about the reason we often fail in making habit changes and how to get past those things that lead to self-sabotage. This is all part of laying the groundwork for your ultimate success!

The workshop will end with a guided group hypnosis session, facilitated by Mary Lou, to help reprogram your subconscious mind to bring you success in achieving your goals. You will have the audio of this session to listen to regularly to support your continued success!


Optional additional support:

If you are someone who struggles to stay committed and needs some accountability as you move forward, you can choose to add on the accountability group where you will have a place to check in daily for the next 21 days on how you are doing with staying committed to your habits and goals. Just having a place where you will be reporting in regularly can dramatically increase your success!


What Are All the Details?

The workshop will be Saturday May 30 from 10am-12pm Pacific time. We will be teaching it over Zoom online.

If you cannot make it live but still want to participate, you can sign up and receive the recording to watch and complete at your convenience.

The investment for the workshop is $40. To add on the accountability group is an additional $35.


About us:

Lyn Delmastro-Thomson has a master's in somatic (mind-body) psychology and is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Body Intuitive Practitioner. She is passionate about supporting others in unleashing and achieving their full healing potential, no matter what health challenges they are currently experiencing.

Mary Lou Rodriquez is a passionate professional hypnotherapist. She is committed to healing our world, one client at a time. She thrives on being of service, giving her full and considerable attention to each person. Mary Lou is a Certified Hypnotherapist, licensed with the National Guild of Hypnotists and a Master Hypnotist.  Her advanced Hypnotherapy training is referred to as 5-PATH which stands for Five Phased Advanced Transformational Healing.

Self-Sabotage Workshop

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