Breathe to Release, Heal and Transform

Your Breath Is Powerful...

Many times, we go through our daily lives without paying much attention to our breath. For years, I've said it is a good thing that breathing is both voluntary and involuntary because for many of us, without the involuntary part, we might not still be alive (we can only live about 3 minutes without oxygen)!

Yet when we learn to consciously work with our breath in systematic ways, it is a very simple yet profound way to transform our health.

Working consciously with your breath can shift your emotional state, it can release anxiety from the body, it can help take you out of the fight-or-flight response, and it can also help you tap more fully into your intuition.


Monthly Breathwork Events

Join Lyn for a guided breathwork experience designed to help you release the energies of whatever is holding you back—old emotions, limiting beliefs, or anything else that no longer serves you.

We will begin our time by setting your intentions for this session and what you are intended to release and clear, as well as what you are calling into your life.

Through a 2-part pranayama technique (read a description of Lyn's own experience with this technique below) used for active breathing, you will be supported to go deep into working with your mind and body to catalyze transformation and healing. The breathwork can also be a spiritual experience which rebalances your energy body and leads to intuitive downloads.

Lyn will support and guide the group through the entire process. We will finish with grounding back into our bodies, as well as time for brief sharing of your experience, should you choose.

These events fall near the full moon, which is a powerful time for releasing what no longer serves you.


Interested in Future Dates?

Lyn is planning to offer future breathwork events resuming in January 2020. To stay up to date with the latest info, provide your email below and Lyn will update you when the latest date and location is determined.

Private breathwork sessions are available in the meantime so feel free to reach out.


My Own Transformational Breathwork Experience

Although I have taught a wide variety of breathwork techniques over the years, last spring, while I was at a retreat, I experienced a new breathwork technique.

My colleague and friend Sylvia guided a small group of us through a 2-part pranayama breathwork practice and during our 30 minutes of breathing, I felt waves of grief and sadness release from my body. I gained profound insights into a very old experience of being sick as a child. I also connected with 3 of the most important people in my life who are no longer with me on the earthly plane but who are now part of my team of guides.

Although I cried for almost the entire time we breathed, afterwards I felt incredibly light, like a weight had released from my body and my heart.

I was intrigued by this breathwork technique and connected with Sylvia for several 1-1 sessions before deciding to study with the same teacher she had worked with and to learn this breathwork technique to use in my practice.

What Students Say

“I would highly recommend this work to anyone who wants to open spiritual channels and clear stagnant energy from their body.

During the breath work I could feel the sensation of energy flowing through the cells in my body and then a burst of intense energy surged through my body and opened my crown chakra and third eye.

I then became immersed in a profound feeling of unconditional love that was so deep I wanted to cry. I remained in a state of bliss for the rest of the day.

-Conde Bartlett

"Lyn is an incredible space holder and she makes you feel supported throughout the process. She knows exactly what’s needed and gives the perfect amount of guidance so you can have a powerful experience whether you’ve done breathwork or not.

After breath work I had new awareness about how I’d been blocking a goal of mine and was able to shift the energy around it. If you’re ready to release the past and create the space for something new I’d definitely recommend breathwork with Lyn."

- Angela W.
"I’ve had three breathwork sessions with Lyn and all have been very profound. They have brought much needed emotional releases and enhanced my general sense of well-being. Lyn is an amazing guide-very kind and professional."
- Amber Cook