8 Weeks to a Healthier You Group Program

Lyn Delmastro Thomson

Change Your Habits, Change Your Health 

How many times have you committed to making a positive change like eating better or exercising more and you find yourself back in your old patterns after days or weeks?

Life gets busy, stress happens, or you fall back into your old behaviors without even realizing it...

If this sounds like you, you aren't alone!!

We try to change with the BEST of intentions and yet, something seems to pull us back into our old habits and patterns in short order.

When we find ourselves eating poorly again or sitting on the couch instead of exercising, we often feel frustrated, disappointed in ourselves, and like we've failed.

Deep down, we know we WANT to change for the better but we don't quite know HOW to get there...

You might already be thinking about how much more energy you would have, how much less discomfort you'd feel, and how much happier you'd be if you successfully changed... But how to get there???

Client Love

"Lyn is an amazing hypnotist and healer with the biggest heart.  I really appreciate we didn't just work on the surface level and dug deeper. Lyn asks deep and powerful questions to make sure that she facilitates sessions that create meaningful and long-lasting transformation.  I recommend her 100%!"

– Alina N.

Hi, I'm Lyn

My goal is to help you finally succeed at changing your habits so you can have more energy, lose those pesky 15 pounds, or feel stronger in your body.

So many women come to me struggling to successfully change things like what and how they eat, whether they exercise consistently, or if they prioritize their own self-care.

They often have tried time and again to change and yet they seem to always end up falling back into the same behaviors that don't support health.

What I share with them-- and now with you-- is that it isn't your fault or that you lack willpower... It is that your brain likely is SABOTAGING your success!

When we try to change but we don't get our mind (particularly the subconscious) on board, we are often doomed before we even begin...

With my Subconscious Success System, I can help reprogram your mind to help it work FOR you, not AGAINST you!

With this approach, we address 3 key areas:

  1. Uncovering your limiting beliefs: We work together to find the subconscious programs running in the background that often sabotage us without us even knowing it! 
  2. Managing your triggers: I teach you tools to help successfully interrupt the things that trigger you back into your old patterns.
  3. Creating your new empowered beliefs: We work to create new beliefs to program into the subconscious mind so it works FOR you, not against you!
Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

Client Success Story

Jan Never Thought She Could Stop Binge Eating Chocolate Until...

When Jan and I first started working together, she wanted to lose about 20 pounds and feel stronger and healthier in her body.

She had a struggle with binging on chocolate and other sweets in the evenings and knew it wasn't helping with her weight-loss or health goals.

When she tried to just change her behavior she found herself frustrated and struggling because she would just end up looking for those sweets each night, no matter how hard she tried to resist.

She knew something had to change and she reached out to me.

Now she's able to eat just a couple squares of dark chocolate without binging the whole bar.

At a recent session, Jan reported how happy her doctor was with her weight loss and that her cholesterol numbers were much improved!

Welcome to 8 Weeks to a Healthier You

An 8 Week Group Program to Create New Healthy Habits

Can you imagine, at the end of 8 weeks...

Having learned how to successfully create new habits-- a tool you can return to again and again!

Being able to reprogram your subconscious mind to act as your ally 

Understand how to quickly address your triggers that lead to self-sabotage

Successfully having changed one key habit (we work one habit at a time for best results)

Feeling good about yourself and your success

Knowing tools to keep successfully changing your habits to improve your health

In this group program, you will receive:

4 live bi-weekly group calls on Zoom with me (always recorded if you miss a live event)

Recording of each guided hypnosis session to keep reprogramming your mind between calls. You can use these again in the future for other habits!

Easy-to-use tools to interrupts your patterns and address your triggers

Simple homework between calls to integrate the changes you are making

Access to a private Facebook community where you can share your wins and ask for support if needed

The Group Program Schedule:

  • First call is Thursday January 12 at 4pm mountain time (calls are 75-90 minutes)
  • Subsequent calls at the same time on Thursdays January 26, February 9 and February 23

Early Bird Pricing

(Ends December 31st at 5pm MST)!

Pay in full for $397 or 2 monthly payments of $225

Special bonus!!!

The next 4 people to sign up will receive a 30 minute one-on-one call with me so I can personally help you dig into your limiting beliefs that have been sabotaging your success! This is a $100 value and will only be available for others as an add-on purchase!

Regular price for this program will be: $497 pay in full or 2 monthly payments of $275


It's obvious you're realizing you need to get your subconscious mind on board to help you to finally succeed in making change.

I'd love to support you. Simply complete the form below to begin!


Important Note: Because this program is the first round, it is at Beta pricing. If I offer this program in the future, it will likely be for $500-1000 more in price! So you can wait for the future and spend more or you can sign up NOW!

Healthy Habits Group Program

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Client Love

“I wasn’t sure how hypnosis worked, but it was a wonderful experience. Hypnosis encouraged me to be grounded and center my mind.

I feel so much lighter knowing that I now have the tools to check in with myself anytime I’m feeling disconnected, anxious, or a little lost. Thank you, Lyn, for your kindness and support!!” 


                                                                                          - Crista G.

Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

Not Quite Sure About Hypnosis? Read More About the Process!

Many people have only seen hypnosis on TV or in a movie (that was how I was initially exposed to it too!) and those examples might leave you feeling a bit anxious or uncertain.

The hypnosis work I offer is not at all like those examples! You are ALWAYS in control and I will never have you do anything silly or embarrassing.

Hypnosis is a lot like meditation. In fact, after training in hypnosis, I realize that for a number of years, I've been offering clients a form of hypnosis (but without the powerful belief work I now include).

Hypnosis is deeply relaxing and you decide how deeply relaxed you go. Your mind also can choose to accept or reject any of the suggestions or beliefs offered in the process.

You are always able to open your eyes and come out of hypnosis whenever you want!

If you want to learn even more, I suggest listening to this short podcast episode!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Changing habits and reprogramming the subconscious mind takes some time. We are going to be working on multiple layers in our 4 calls and we have an off week between calls so you can keep listening to your hypnosis for deeper intergration.

Unless you have worked with an approach that gets your brain on board with change and let's it know it is safe to change, you probably are going to keep struggling and falling into your old habits.

This approach helps work with how habits are created and recreated in the brain so you get lasting change and success.

Hypnosis is a lot like meditation. The main difference is that we use certain relaxation exercises to start to help you relax more fully and drop into the Theta brainwave state where it is easier to work with your subconscious mind.

In addition, the intention behind hypnosis is different than in meditation because we are working to reprogram your subconscious mind.

The hypnosis that you likely have seen on TV or in the movies is a form of hypnosis called stage hypnosis where people are asked to do silly things like bark like a dog. In the type of work we do, you will never be asked to do silly things and you are always 100% in control. You can open your eyes at any time!

If you want to learn more, listen to this short podcast episode.

When we split our focus, it is easier to fall into old habits and patterns. In the beginning, for best results, it is best to focus on just ONE change you'd like to make. If you keep using this process in the future, you might be able to work on several habits at once.

The benefit of all the hypnosis audios being recorded and shared with you is you can also go back to them and use them on OTHER habits you want to create after these 8 weeks.

To answer any other questions you might have, please email me at lyn@heartfirehealingllc.com and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Not quite ready to start working together?

Get your FREE copy of my "Becoming My Healthiest Self" hypnosis audio

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