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Whether you have some old habits that you would like to change, you are feeling stuck by old beliefs and programs that are limiting what you feel is possible for your health, or you are struggling with a lot of stress and anxiety, hypnosis is a powerful tool to help reprogram your subconscious mind.

Because so much of our thoughts and our behaviors occur at the subconscious level, we often operate from a level that we don't have a lot of conscious awareness around.

That's why it is so easy to say we are going to make a positive change and find ourselves falling back into old habits and patterns.

Hypnosis is a simple but powerful way to help make changes stick because it is a potent tool to reprogram the subconscious mind.

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Not Quite Sure About Hypnosis? Read More About the Process!

Many people have only seen hypnosis on TV or in a movie (that was how I was initially exposed to it too!) and those examples might leave you feeling a bit anxious or uncertain.

The hypnosis work I offer is not at all like those examples! You are ALWAYS in control and I will never have you do anything silly or embarrassing.

Hypnosis is a lot like meditation. In fact, after training in hypnosis, I realize that for a number of years, I've been offering clients a form of hypnosis (but without the powerful belief work I now include).

Hypnosis is deeply relaxing and you decide how deeply relaxed you go. Your mind also can choose to accept or reject any of the suggestions or beliefs offered in the process.

You are always able to open your eyes and come out of hypnosis whenever you want!

Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

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