Jet Lag Balancing Sessions

Make Your Travel Experiences Easier and More Enjoyable

Travel can be a challenge for our bodies. While for many centuries we could only travel as far as we could walk or a ride a horse in a day, now airplane travel allows us to travel around the globe in a day's time.

When we travel across many time zones, whether for business travel or for vacations, it can be hard for our bodies to adapt.

We can be left spending the first few days (or more!) of our trip sleeping at odd hours, walking around in a daze, and overall not feeling great.

But there is a way to help reset your body's clock to a new time zone so you can feel good, sleep well, and enjoy your trip without days of adjusting!

In addition, I can also include a quick immune system boost too to help keep you healthy after being on airplanes and in airports!

Lyn and her husband Michael in Italy

Lyn and her husband Michael in Italy.

Jet Lag Balancing Sessions

Using the tools available to me through BodyTalk and Body Intuitive Healing systems, I am able to help reset your body to a new time zone so your sleep schedule will get on track quickly and you will be more alert and present on your travels!

The process involves synchronizing different hormones that are part of our daily circadian rhythms (cortisol, serotonin and melatonin) to the body's clock in the new time zone.

Imagine how much more time you can enjoy out of that 10 days in Europe or how much easier it will be for you to do your job on a quick work trip overseas and then come home and recover!


How Does The Process Work:

When you purchase a session, you will be asked to provide some information about where you are travelling to and when your trip begins to help me conduct the session.

After you provide that information, I will do the session remotely, providing you with an audio recording that will be emailed to you to listen to at your convenience. The session will be activated by your body at the ideal time in your travels to help ease the transition and get you on the right time schedule.  

Important Note: Please purchase a session with at least 5 days before your trip to allow me time to complete the session. For more urgent requests, contact me directly at 503-347-0258 to ensure I have time available for your request.


The process is quick and easy with great results! Check out the testimonials below!


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What Clients Say About These Sessions:

"Lyn did a jet lag balancing session for my son, Reese, who normally can’t sleep on planes.

As we boarded the plane for the red-eye to New York, he said he couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer. Once on the plane, he was out like a light and slept the whole trip.

When we arrived in New York, he was alert and ready to go! He never suffered any jet lag there or upon our return to Oregon just 3 short days later. "

-Thea N.

"The first time I had a jet lag balancing session with Lyn was a few years ago, when returning from Spain on a 10 hour flight with a 9 hour time difference.

I got on the plane and was able to sleep. I woke up refreshed and was surprised that when we arrived in Portland, I felt no sluggishness or sleepiness. 

I went home and was able to stay awake until my usual bedtime and did wake up a few hours early.  My day continued as normal and I felt capable of driving, unlike the past few times returning from Europe.  I was happily amazed!

I would like to share that one time I returned from a 9+ hour time change,  I went to the grocery store the next day, put my groceries in the car, got in the drivers seat and woke up two hours later. That is why I had not trusted myself driving after a long trip... but after the jet lag session with Lyn, this wasn't the case.

I received a jet lag balance again on my trip to and from Chile and was thrilled that I didn’t lose two days of getting acclimated to each time zone.

I highly recommend Lyn and her jet lag technique.   Like your credit card....don’t leave home without it."

- Marta T.