Have you recovered from an acute or chronic illness in your past and you want to make sure that you don’t return to being sick again?


If you are someone who has experienced illness in your life, whether acute or chronic, you are well aware of the tremendous impact that being unwell can have on your life.

You likely aren’t keen to experience illness again and you know on a personal level just how important it is to maintain your health.

Because it can be easy to fall back into old habits and patterns of getting busy and letting our focus fall away from our health, I love to support women just like you in making sure that you never get a scary diagnosis or have your life derailed by illness again.

Through working together, we can support your body, mind, and spirit in addressing any underlying issues that could lead to you getting sick again and help maintain your health as your most precious resource in life.

Our work together may include…

  • Addressing the stressors and challenges in your life that could compromise your health again
  • Restoring balance to any areas of the body that might be experiencing some disruption or challenge (possibly leading to a health issue)
  • Keeping all of your hormones balanced
  • Clearing old belief systems and traumas that often can show themselves through future health issues
  • Creating a new self-care routine or providing support around being consistent with a current self-care routine
  • Supporting resilience of your body, mind, and spirit when life gets challenging
  • Releasing excess weight from your body if that is an area that you are feeling like you would like support around

If you would like to explore how I might support you in maintaining your health now that you’ve regained it after illness, I would love to speak with you on a complimentary consultation call.

Lyn Delmastro Thomson

Client Love

“I had an AMAZING distance Body Talk session with Lyn. During our session we cut some pain I was experiencing completely in half, from an 8 to a 4. Today, 2 days later, I have ZERO pain in that area! ZERO!!  Thank you Lyn!"

– Jessica D.

“I love working with Lyn.  She is compassionate, intuitive and methodical in her approach to healing both emotional and physical pain. As a result of our time together I am feeling more centered, focused and finding it easier to ‘let go’ of things that typically cause frustration in my life; for that I am extremely grateful.

At a recent session with Lyn, I walked in feeling emotionally drained and struggling to focus with even simple tasks.  Lyn created the space for me to completely shift my frame of mind, and I left feeling grounded, focused, and energized.”

– Tracey S.