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Want a Healthier Metabolism in 2020?

Lyn's weight loss

In this past year, I have lost 25 pounds... and it hasn't been through some crazy fad diet, exercising for HOURS every day, or starving myself.

Instead, with support, I've been able to rebalance my metabolic hormones that were keeping me from being able to lose weight and the process has been easier than what I've ever experienced before.

Yes, I have had to reduce or eliminate certain foods that I eat, I've had to exercise a few more days a week, and make some other changes but it wasn't frustrating, fruitless, and didn't leave me feeling hungry or overwhelmed.

If you are curious about this work, I invite you to join me for an introductory group session on Wednesday January 15 at 1pm pst. 


You'll get a brief taste of what this work is all about (although much of it is typically done 1-1, this will give you a sense of it). 

And if you can't join me live that day, if you register, I will send you the recording so you can still participate!