"Nourishing You" Retreat October 2019

Let’s face it, sister… life in the modern world can be exhausting.

You have the work you do in the world, which you LOVE but which can sometimes take a lot out of you with long hours, much dedication, and some (or a lot of!) self-sacrifice.

You have all the people you are taking care of in your life… a spouse/partner, kids, aging parents, or friends who need a little extra help.

Sometimes you feel like you get to the end of the day or the week and you feel pretty drained like you aren’t sure how much left there is to give. You are someone who loves to help others but sometimes you feel like taking care of you tends to be the last thing on your priority list.

Perhaps your body is beginning to show the signs of all this go-go-go lifestyle and you are starting to be dealing with symptoms like fatigue, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances or just not feeling like your full vibrant self.

If you are feeling like you need some nurturing time away just for you, you want to learn some new self-care practices, and you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of your life, I invite you to join me and a small group of just 8 other women for a weekend away where we will dive deep into self-care and self-love practices.

During this retreat, you will…

  • Learn some simple but powerful self-care practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily life
  • Have plenty of downtime to walk the beach, take a nap, read a book, soak in the house’s hot tub, or do whatever you are inspired to do
  • Spend time being guided in exploring what really nurtures you on a daily basis and how to bring MORE of that into your life at home. You’ll even leave with your own self-care plan!
  • Be nourished with delicious, healthy, nourishing meals prepared for you by our chef (worth the price of attendance!)
  • Have time to reflect on what priorities might need to shift for you so you can better care for yourself
  • Experience deep connection… with yourself and with a small group of other women
  • Have time and space for deep healing of your body to occur

My Intention

It is my intention that you will leave after our 3 days together feeling so nourished, so nurtured, and so relaxed-- like you probably have not felt in a VERY long time!

You will leave with an embodied sense of WHY it is so important to nurture yourself on a regular basis and with simple tools and strategies to help you do just that.

You will feel so filled up that you will be able to serve your own why, be that in your work or in how you care for loved ones, with even more passion and purpose.

What people are saying about working with me

“I’m loving having Lyn on my support team - I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels after just one session - I’m amazed at the results.”

- Jo B.

"I feel so bloody relaxed since I have been working with you. It’s really like a clearance of toxic emotions. I am grateful for you waking up my body and helping me get tuned in... instead of zoning out by distractions such as, duty, shopping for shit I don’t need, getting caught up in what the kids should be doing... I’ve finally tuning in to me. And it feels lovely.”

- Mandy M.

Here are all the details!

Dates: Friday October 11- Sunday October 13, 2019

Where: A luxurious home in Neskowin on the Oregon Coast

Investment: $1200 for a Shared Room, $1400 for a Private Room

The Nourishing You Retreat experience includes:

  • 2 nights luxurious lodging in the house (most of the beds are King beds)
  • 6 healthy, nourishing meals plus snacks through the weekend prepared on site by Chef Amy (food allergies can be accomodated!)
  • Learning the BodyTalk Access self-care system to use at home
  • An exploration of intuitive eating with Coach Tiffany, RN with a guided, experiential dinner as well!
  • Powerful guided breathwork sessions to help you release energy
  • Community with a small group of like-minded sisters
  • Down time to walk the beach, soak in our hot tub, and so much more!

Is your body & soul ready to be nourished?

If this sounds like exactly what you need, sign up now as there are only 8 spots!

Early bird bonus: Sign up and make your deposit by June 1 and I will gift you a 1:1 healing session with me before the retreat (can be done in person or as a distance session). This is a $200 value.

Pay-in-full bonus: Sign up and pay in full and I will gift you my guided meditation library (over a dozen recorded meditations). This is a $150 value. 



What is included?

The cost of the retreat includes 2 night’s lodging, 6 meals (Friday lunch through Sunday breakfast), teas and coffee, healthy snacks, and participation in all of the retreat activities.

What isn’t included?

If you are traveling in from outside of Oregon, airfare is not included. Transportation to and from Neskowin is also not included.

Can you handle dietary restrictions?

Chef Amy is able to make accommodations for a wide variety of dietary restrictions/needs. You will provide those when you sign up for the retreat so she can plan accordingly.

Is travel to Neskowin provided? What is the closest airport?

Travel to Neskowin is not included. It is approximately a 2 hour and 15 minute drive from the Portland airport, which is the closest major airport. Participants may choose to carpool to the retreat if they wish.

Will I be sharing a room?

The majority of the rooms are private rooms and most of the beds are king sized beds. 2 rooms have a second bed, providing a shared room opportunity, with a slight price break. You will be able to choose shared or private room when you register.

If you happen to come with a friend and wish to share, please let me know so I can put you in a shared room.

What is the weather typically like in October in Neskowin?

Fall is a beautiful time at the Oregon Coast and sometimes provides even better weather than summer time. Average highs are in the low 60s and lows are in the mid 40s but I have experienced days that are in the low 70s and sunny.

What do I need to bring?

The main things to bring are your clothing, toiletries and any personal items, plus a journal. You will be provided with a recommended packing list when you sign up (approximately 1 month before the retreat).

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment plans are offered. A deposit of $500 is required to secure your space and the remaining balance can be paid off over a number of months (this will vary slightly based on your time of registration). There is a slight additional cost for splitting payments up of $20 for each payment breakdown (so if you are paying in 4 installments, the total would be an additional $80). All balances must be paid in full by 1 month before the retreat.

I’m introverted and I need alone time. Will that be part of the retreat?

YES! The intention of the retreat is to balance scheduled activities with downtime which can be spent with others or alone (a walk on the beach, time in your room, etc). I strongly believe that this is essential for self-care!

What if I need to cancel?

The retreat is a non-refundable retreat. I highly recommend purchasing travel insurance in case of unforeseen emergencies that could cause you to need to cancel.

If you or I are able to find someone to take over your space, the spot may be transferred to someone else but it is not my primary focus to find someone to fill your space.

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