Release the Weight of Fear: 4 Week Group Series

Clear the Chatter and Hear Your Own Voice Again

We all want to be able to feel peaceful and calm on a daily basis and to be able to access emotions like happiness and joy.

Yet because of the times that we have been living through, it has become so common to wake up feeling anxious and have that anxiety continue all day long.

And there certainly are plenty of things to trigger fear in ourselves and in those around us: living through a pandemic, fears of getting sick or loved ones getting sick, the economy being impacted, violence against minorities... the list goes on and on.

Many are struggling with feeling depressed, fearful, and hopeless. 

Your energy might feel low, you may be having difficulty focusing, and it may be difficult to tap into your creativity.

And these challenges can even follow us into the night with difficulty sleeping and weird dreams...

I too have struggled with these challenges in the past year and for months they made it hard to function each day. I felt anxious, depressed, unmotivated, lacking in creativity and so much more...

What I've learned is that many of us (especially those who identify as sensitive or empaths) are experiencing the heaviness of fear and grief from the collective.

I've often described it as feeling like I'm energetically  tuned into a radio station that I don't really want to listen to!

Through developing ways to clear myself of those energies, I have been able to release anxiety, shift out of what I believed was depression, and to feel clarity, focus, excitement and joy again-- and I'd like to help you do the same!

Are you ready to release the weight of what's been holding you down?

Join me for 4 weeks of support for just $77!

Note the series has been postpone to September. You can still pre-register

Lyn Delmastro-Thomson
feeling motivated and unstuck

What Types of Results Might You Experience from This Series?

  • Feeling tapped into inspiration and creativity again
  • Feeling peaceful and calm on a regular basis
  • Sleeping more soundly and peacefully
  • Waking up each morning with a mind that feels calm and clear
  • The ability to have clarity and make decisions again
  • Finding more joy in your daily life

Step 1


Think about if NOW feels like the right time to make this commitment to yourself.

Step 2


If you feel you can go all in, sign up and save your spot!

Step 3


The series begins and you get support getting unstuck!

What Does This Program Include?

Lyn Delmastro-ThomsonDuring our 4 weeks together, you will be part of:

  • 4 weekly group sessions to support you in clearing fear from your body and mind
  • A private Mighty Network community where you can find a sense of community.
  • A guided meditation just for members of this series that will support you in further releasing fear, especially the fear you are picking up from the collective.

Sounds Great! When Do We Begin?

The series starts Thursday September 16 and continues for the following 4 Thursdays through October 7.

Weekly sessions are at 4PM Pacific time and always recorded if you can't make 1 or more session.

Note: the series has been postponed from June dates


What's the Investment?

Currently early-bird price is just $77 for all 4 group sessions, the guided meditation, and the private Mighty Network group which will be available during our 4 weeks together. As of September 1 the cost will be $99.

If you know you are in, sign up below or reach out to me at lyn (at) with questions!


Not quite ready to join us? Click here to sign up to receive a FREE 10 minute mini session to help you start your journey to release fear now!

Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

Releasing Fear Group

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