Rethinking Stress Digital Workshop

Learn How to Experience Stress Without the Health Impacts

woman who is stressedAll of the challenges that the past few years have brought to our lives have many of our bodies feeling in a chronic state of stress.

This might leave you feeling constantly exhausted, overwhelmed and on edge.

Yet the fight-or-flight response was not designed to be adaptive to this particular type of long term stress/threat- it was meant to help us do things like run away from a tiger, which was a short term danger of maybe 20-30 minutes, tops.

When we stay in fight-or-flight or "threat stress" for long period of time, our bodies experience more inflammation, our immune function decreases and there are significant long-term health consequences.

You may have even heard it said that stress is one of the top causes of illness...

The good news is that there are 2 other stress responses (don't worry if you haven't heard of them- most people haven't!) and these other options have much less negative impacts on our health.

In this digital class, I'll teach you all about these 2 alternate stress responses and how you can begin to access them NOW to help your body stay healthy. This info will be useful to you during the current times we are living in and in future stressful situations.


What you will gain from this hour-long course:

  • woman empowered to deal with stressFeeling empowered to begin to respond to stress differently
  • Improved immune resilience so you don't get sick every time you get stressed
  • Less pain in your body due to less chronic inflammation
  • Knowing how to shift your mindset about certain stressors from a threat to a challenge you can overcome
  • Learning to use stress to connect to others and create community
  • No longer feeling like you are at the mercy of your body's stress response

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Spend 60-90 minutes with the materials to transform your stress.

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