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Need Stress Relief or Self-Care Support?

In these challenging times we've been living through, stress might be leaving you feeling awash in the physical symptoms it is  creating in your body. Understanding how your body responds to stress and that there are actually other ways your body can respond can be a total game changer for you and your health.

Self-care has also been very important in the past year (it truly always is- but now more than ever). You might be looking for some new tools to add to your tool kit and so my digital toolbox might be just the thing to give you some simple, easy new tools!

Check out these affordable offerings below and stay tuned for new digital offerings soon!

Got Stress??

Lyn has a digital courses on "Rethinking Stress" that teaches you that we actually have 3 stress responses, not just the "fight-or-flight" response most of us know about. 

The wonderful and empowering thing is that the other stress responses don't have the same negative health consequences AND you can learn how to help your body react in these other responses rather than in fight-or-flight.

Struggling with Self-Care?

Know that you need to start doing or upping your self-care but not sure where to start? Want to add some new tools and ideas to your self-care tool kit?

I hear you! Self-care can be something where we struggling with ideas that don't take hours or cost lots of money. Hint: self-care doesn't have to equate to massages and pedicures (although if that's your thing, I'm not knocking it!).

Let me help you with some of my favorite tools, 4 of which take 5 minutes or less to do but can make a BIG impact in your life!