Unleash Your Creative Wellspring

Creative Expression

Does This Story Sound Familiar??

You used to have creative outlets. You made time for them regularly. You danced, sang, painted, took photographs... whatever it was that lit you up... you were always making time and space for that creative expression in your life.

Now your life has gotten busy...

You are focused on family, your job or growing a business, your relationships, your "to do" list.

The honest truth is that you can't remember the last time you did one of those things that you used to LOVE to do.

You are feeling a bit dried up and like a significant part of you is missing...

Ready to Rekindle Your Creative Flame?

Check out "Unleash Your Creative Wellspring," a 3 month group journey for women to reclaim our creativity, creative expression, and to be more fully ourselves!

community of creative women

In this group experience we will:

  • Commit ourselves to reviving creative practices that we love but have let fall to the side
  • Support each other in the process
  • Dive into healing old patterns and beliefs that are preventing us from picking creative expression up again through facilitated healing sessions
  • Celebrate our successes and changes in our patterns
  • Transform our lives through recommitting to creative expression 

This group program includes:

  • Access to a private Facebook community where you will receive regular weekly prompts to support your creative expression
  • Accountability, support, and encouragement through the Facebook community
  • Monthly group healing sessions facilitated by Lyn online through Zoom. The sessions will tentatively be the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm PST (you can be anywhere in the world! Sessions will be recorded for those who can't join live)
  • The option to add on one-on-one support with Lyn

Your creative expression is a powerful force in your life.

It supports your health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) your relationships, your financial success and so much more.

This 3 month journey will transform your whole life and tap into your source of joy again!

Ready to Get Signed Up?

Your investment for this transformational 3 month experience is just $133!

We will begin the journey June 1 so get signed up now! Make this the summer where your creative fire comes out to play!

Lyn's creative outlet

Why Am I Offering This?

Creative expression has always been an important part of my life. As a child and a teen, I did ballet and played the piano. I was into all sorts of arts and crafts... I was always expressing that part of myself.

In my mid-20s, I started taking ballroom and Latin dance lessons and loved to perform with my dance teacher regularly. When I moved to Portland in 2010, I continued dancing and started taking voice lessons for a few years. 

However, over the past few years, I have felt my own creative expression start to diminish. I still dance but not quite as regularly and I don't have performing opportunities. Despite finally getting my piano last year, I realized I was hardly playing it. I stopped singing.

I have been on a journey this year to reclaim my own creativity and my creative expression. I can see how not having that outlet regularly has an impact on many areas of my life: my business, my health, my relationships.

I have a feeling I'm not the only one who has put creative expression on the backburner and I feel drawn to offer support and community to others who wish to rekindle their creativity.

I look forward to offering group healing sessions to help facilitate powerful shifts and support the women called to the group to experience their creativity in a new way.

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