Quick Support Sessions for Challenging Times

Support Your Health NOW!

Lyn Delmastro ThomsonWith the global spread of the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus), you may be feeling concerned about staying healthy. This is a time that can feel scary and overwhelming.

You might be worried that you will get the virus and get seriously ill.

You might be stressed by the dramatic change to your daily life and your routine--being around family 24/7 isn't easy and neither is being alone if you live alone.

You might feel like you are constantly exhausted or if you do have energy, it quickly disappears once again.

You might be feeling emotionally and mentally overwhelmed.

Or maybe you aren't sleeping very well these days.

I totally get it... This isn't easy for anyone and I have to be honest, I have my moments too but I do know that regular support for my body and mind is what helps me get through this.

To help support you in getting through this challenging time and staying healthy (physically, mentally, and emotionally), I'm offering 30 minute "Quick Support" healing sessions.

These sessions are shorter than my normal sessions but they are a powerful support to help you feel stronger and more resilient during these times

These sessions are also a great way to release the state of stress you may find yourself in regularly, to support your energy reserves, and to release the emotions you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed by.


What Is the Investment?

The cost of these immune support sessions is just $80. You can book multiple sessions several weeks apart if you want to keep more consistent support at this time.


How Do I Sign Up?

Use my online schedule system to book your session now. The session fee will be due at booking to help minimize my administrative time and maximize my availability right now.