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Radical Health Rebel Podcast


We discussed:

2:30- Lyn's journey into stored emotions and trauma

26:10- You need to heal emotional trauma to heal chronic pain

39:53- The role of unresolved trauma in physical pain

49:25- Talking Therapies to overcome emotional trauma

56:15- The subconscious minds role in clearing trauma

Own Your Choices Own Your Life

In this episode we discuss:

1) Lyn shares her experience of being misdiagnosed with leukemia when she was 25. She had to learn to own her power and choices in her healing journey. After continually declining in health yet being told by doctors that the treatment was working and not being given any answers, she had to take her health into her own hands.

2) Lyn learned the power of what she thinks and believes has a HUGE impact on her health and well-being and I have to choose to work with her mind to create health.

Me Time with Mind Escape Vibe

In this episode, Lyn will speak to topics related to chronic illness, why it is important to take care of our health before chronic illness strikes, energy medicine, epigenetics, the mind-body connection, stress management, the power of our mind in our process and more. 

Meltdown to Mastery

In this inspiring episode of Meltdown to Mastery, join host Jayne Marquis, ND, as she engages in a profound conversation with Lyn Delmastro-Thompson, the author of "You are not your diagnosis." Lyn shares her personal journey of being misdiagnosed with leukemia at the age of 25 and the transformative insights she gained about the power of resilience and reclaiming one's health.

Together, Jayne and Lyn delve into the three key elements discussed in Lyn's book, offering deep insights into regaining personal power and becoming the hero of your own health journey. They explore: epigenetics (how our genes respond to our environment and lifestyle), the mind-body connection, and the subconscious mind.

Living Life Naturally

 In this episode, we explore the role of the mind (especially the subconscious) and our beliefs and how they can block/sabotage healing. We discuss how to get the mind on board and work with your healing.

We also speak about what are BodyTalk and Body Intuitive and how can they help heal autoimmune disease, hormonal issues, trauma and more. 

Empowered Health: A Holistic View

In this episode, Lyn speaks with host Kate Maslowski about how we can use the power of our subconscious minds to move past blocks to healing.

Open-Minded Healing

*Going to the hospital for breast reduction surgery but coming out with a dire diagnosis instead
*Lyn continues to get worse, despite the doctor saying her bloodwork is getting better
*Exploring many alternative modalities in search of answers
*Finding out she had been misdiagnosed
*Using "Body Talk" and "Body Intuitive" energy healings
*Getting into alignment with what she truly wants
*Progressing on her new path as a practitioner to help others heal
*Two different success stories of people that have worked with Lyn
*The biggest lesson, obstacle and kindness shown while Lyn searched for answers to her health condition

Wellness by Design Podcast

Did you know symptoms like pain or digestive issues or emotional ones like anxiety and depression are actually intelligent communications from the body? Join me and my guest, Lyn Delmastro-Thomson, to learn more about our body's own wisdom and natural healing capacity.

⏰  7:27 How does the body talk to us?

⏰  10:15 Participate in a simple intuitive practice to help you listen to your body

⏰  16:38 The role of unprocessed emotions in the symptoms we experience

⏰  19:28 How subconscious beliefs affect the physical body and chronic conditions

⏰  21:00 Self-help techniques for reprogramming the subconscious mind

⏰  24:12 How knowing our emotional triggers can help us heal

⏰  26:07 Using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) pattern interrupts to reprogram the mind

⏰  30:03 The ONE thing you can do today to upgrade your health

The Fatigue Podcast

In this week’s exciting episode I am interviewing Lyn Delmastro-Thomson, certified hypnotherapist, BodyTalk practitioner and author of the Amazon Best Seller, "You Are Not Your Diagnosis" to discuss her journey to recovery from chronic illness. 

Lyn shares her story of her misdiagnosis, how we can learn to listen to our bodies and at the end of the episode there is a 10 minute guided hypnosis to help you connect to your body as healthy and resilient.

SHE Talks Health Podcast

In this episode

  • Lyn's story of misdiagnosed Leukemia & medical gas lighting
  • How to work to reduce toxin burden to improve health
  • Shifting out of fight or flight
  • Review of Biofeedback
  • Interrupting Negative Thought Patterns
  • What is epigenetics?
  • What is Body Talk?
  • The importance of releasing stuck trauma

Dragonfly Connection Podcast

What are "silent" genes vs "activated" genes?

What do genes and a cookbook have in common? 

In today's episode, you're going to learn the answer to both of those questions and also why today's guest, Lyn, believes that our genes are not our destiny. 

And, it's not just a belief! Lyn Delmastro-Thomson is an mind-body medicine practitioner, using the healing systems of BodyTalk and Body Intuitive, and now even hypnosis! She has spent a lot of time studying epigenetics (which you'll learn more about in this episode).

Chronically Healing Podcast

Today’s episode is with Lyn Delmastro-Thomson. Lyn was misdiagnosed with leukemia at age 25 , but she kept questioning why she wasn’t improving despite doctors saying that her labs looked good. So, like many of us, her questions were dismissed. She took her health into her own hands.

That’s when she learned how to listen to her body and its wisdom, understanding how it communicates and working together with it. She now helps other people do this and take charge of their health. We also dive into HOW to listen to your body and move past hating it. Jessie also shares some personal experiences regarding body love and how hard it can be to listen to your body.

Lyn’s story is so special and she shares some tangible tips that we can start doing today that will help us listen to our bodies and forgive them. We’re so excited for you to hear it!

Soul Science Nutrition Podcast

One of my favorite quotes is by internationally known mind body medicine authority, Jon Kabat Zinn:  "No one can listen to your body for you, to grow and heal you have to take responsibility for listening to it yourself.” 

Today’s guest shares her compelling healing journey of learning this life changing truth.  Lyn Del Mastro Thomson is a holistic practitioner with training in somatic psychology, Body Talk Energy Medicine, Therapeutic Yoga and Hypnotherapy. 

She is a best selling amazon author of the book,  “You Are Not Your Diagnosis” offering people suffering  with chronic health conditions hope, understanding and strategies to step into a whole new level of empowerment in their own healing journey.

The Autoimmune Simplified Podcast

In this week’s riveting episode of The Autoimmune Simplified Podcast we sit down with Lyn Delmastro-Thomson to discuss her journey to wellness which includes a horrific misdiagnosis of leukemia, painful procedures and serious side effects.

After being let down terribly by Western medicine, Lyn became passionate about finding real solutions rather than simply managing symptoms through medication.

Lyn is a firm believer that chronic illness can be healed when we learn how to listen to the messages our bodies are sending and what it’s trying to tell us. By understanding the story behind our symptoms and creating energetic rebalancing support, deep healing can begin from the root.

Psykhe Mental Wellbeing Podcast

In this episode, we explore listening to your body, how trauma manifests in the body, the alternative healing approaches  BodyTalk and Body Intuitive and loads more.

The Dragonfly Connection Podcast

A 2019 BMJ Quality & Safety Report found that over 12 million adults who seek outpatient medical care receive a misdiagnosis, or 1 out of 20 adult patients.

Amber's  guest Lyn Delmastro-Thomson is a mind-body medicine practitioner, author of the Amazon Best Seller, "You Are Not Your Diagnosis"; and the unfortunate recipient of a major medical misdiagnosis. 

Lyn was misdiagnosed with leukemia at the age of 25, and while struggling to get doctors to listen to her, she was also hit with the tragedy of losing a loved one. This series of events inevitably changed her as a person, and put her on a career path to helping others on their own healing journey.  

She shares how she dealt with all of it, and how her traumatic experiences showed her her own resilience, the resilience of her body, and just bodies in general. 

The Abundology Podcast

Do you know how to communicate with your body? BodyTalk Practitioner, Lyn Delmastro-Thomson says there's a story behind your symptoms that often relates to unresolved emotions and trauma. Lyn shares how to listen to your body to figure out what it's trying to tell you. She also talks about the 3 types of stress responses our bodies have.

Lyme Ninja

In this episode you will learn three main things:
• Why transforming your mindset from helpless to hero is crucial to your Lyme Journey
• How much time does it really take to adjust to having a chronic condition
• Non-meditation techniques to help you reconnect with your body


In this episode you will learn:
• What BodyTalk is and how what it can help
• How Lyn helps her patients get in touch with what their bodies need
• A practical how to for starting a conversation with your body

University of Adversity

In this episode, Lance and Lyn talked about how self-awareness, spiritual cleansing, and mastering your own body from the inside out can help heal your ailments, find your own balance, and achieve inner peace.

Living Fabulously with Bev

In this interview, we spoke about:

  • Lyn’s journey with an invisible illness
  • How being misdiagnosed with leukemia taught Lyn to listen to her body's wisdom
  • The western medical system is broken and why it’s important
  • Lyn’s best-selling book, “You are not your diagnosis”
  • What Lyn believes is truly required for health and healing
  • Tapping into the power of your mind for healing
  • Lyn’s tips for Living Fabulously

Life Illuminated

Misdiagnosed with and treated for Leukemia, Lyn Delmastro Thomson used her unbelievable experience to set out on a path as a Certified Body Talk Practitioner. Join Maggie Kelly, Life Illuminated host, in a conversation about fortitude, strength and the perseverance it takes when your life is turned upside down.

Warrior Woman with a Purpose

In this episode, we discussed the wisdom of our bodies and just how intelligent they are, how illness can be a wakeup call from the universe, and more.

My 7 Chakras

In this episode, we discussed my story of being misdiagnosed with leukemia, the limits of the Western medical system, what BodyTalk is and how it draws on things like Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, habits and lifestyle factors that contribute to illness and so much more!

Learn True Health

Listen to an impactful conversation about listening to the body’s wisdom rather than always reaching for a medication to silence symptoms and so much more!

Other topics include:

  • Lyn's story of chronic illness and her misdiagnosis with leukemia at age 25
  • Her exploration of alternative healing including biofeedback and therapeutic yoga
  • Her discovery of BodyTalk
  • Her book, “You Are Not Your Diagnosis”
  • A simple technique to help YOU listen to your body

The Brave Files

Highlights of this episode include:

  • Lyn's story of ignoring her body and her intuition during graduate school, which eventually led her to become seriously ill
  • Lyn's exploration of alternative healing approaches
  • What led Lyn to create her business
  • The importance of listening to YOUR body when it talks to you

Essentially You

What we’re talking about in this episode:

  • How to open the door for healing when you feel stuck in a chronic situation
  • The profound powerful benefits of shifting your mindset about your health
  • What you can do to shift your identity around your diagnosis
  • Listening to your own inner wisdom and finding what works for your body
  • Why being curious is one of the most powerful things you can do

Inspired Conversations with Linda Joy

Imagine one day being a healthy 25-year-old and suddenly being misdiagnosed with leukemia. Learn how Lyn Delmastro-Thomson believes being misdiagnosed with leukemia was one of the best things that could have happened to her and how it inspired her message and mission, “You are not your diagnosis.”

Important Work

Do you ever wish you could just feel better? Given our modern society and Western medicine, it’s simple to throw over the counter medicines at our symptoms day-to-day and just get back to work. Over time, we get used to living with feelings of being unwell, it’s easy to feel we are just “existing.” If you’ve been feeling this way, some of these thoughts may be familiar to you:

“I’m tired of the medical systems not helping me feel better.”
“I want to live life without medicines, or at least reduce them.”
“I know there is a better way to live, I just don’t know how to.”

In this episode of Important Work, we welcome Lyn Delmastro-Thomson, host and author of “You Are NOT Your Diagnosis,” and founder of Fire Heart Healing.

Holistic Healing Connection

Lyn chats with HealingWaze founder Amber cook about BodyTalk, Chronic Illness, Conventional Healthcare (how it sometimes fails us) and more. 

Total wellness radio

In this episode, Lyn and Dan chat about how a diagnosis can become an identity, which makes healing more difficult. 

Listen to learn more about BodyTalk, Lyn's work, and how she has supported many women in healing from chronic illness.

Path of the Lightworker

Lyn shares how a terrifying (mis)diagnosis and grieving an unexpected death became the greatest catalysts to her own healing. Her journey is one of finding her path through her own powerful intuition.

Lyn now works with women to help heal and understand chronic illness and auto-immune diagnosis. She shares some of her greatest lessons and brings hope to those dealing with health crisis’s. In this episode we discuss the underlying emotional trauma surrounding auto-immune deficiencies, biofeedback, yoga for healing and more.

Tea Time with Tajuana

On this week's episode of Tea Time with Tajuana, Tajuana sits down with BodyTalk Practitioner, author and BodyTalk Access Trainer Lyn Delmastro Thomson.

Hear about:

  • Lyn's misdiagnosis with Leukemia 
  • How she discovered holistic healing
  • The story behind Lyn's book
  • What BodyTalk is
  • How exactly our bodies are talking to us and the ways to listen 

Heart Empowered Women

In this episode you will learn:
- More about my story of being misdiagnosed with leukemia
-  Some key ways that mindset is important when dealing with health issues



About Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

Lyn Delmastro-ThomsonLyn Delmastro-Thomson is certified hypnotherapist and an energy medicine practitioner who uses the tools of BodyTalk and Body Intuitive. She's also a speaker and author of the Amazon Best Seller, You Are Not Your Diagnosis. Lyn holds a master’s degree in somatic psychology and has completed additional specialized training in biofeedback, therapeutic yoga, and Reiki.

After being misdiagnosed with leukemia at the age of 25, Lyn became passionate about sharing with the world her message that just because a doctor has said an illness is “chronic” or “incurable” doesn’t mean that it has to be a life sentence, and that western medicine isn’t the only approach to healing. When we explore other holistic options, true healing, rather than symptom management, can occur.

Through her one-on-one work with clients over the past eight years, Lyn has helped hundreds of women reclaim their lives and health after receiving a life-changing health diagnosis. Many of her clients have been able to decrease or eliminate certain prescription medications,  as well as increase their energy and stamina.