Client Love

"I’m so thankful to have found Lyn!  I have deep trauma issues, and then deep grief on top.

Through hypnosis, Lyn has helped me to find my strength and process my events in a healthy way. I’ve learned skills to help get out of anxiety states and being overwhelmed.  I also learned to let go of grief and process it as an emotion vs life shattering event. I'm able to use skills she has taught me to be able to move through issues and triggers at the moment they hit. I'm able to stay out of spiraling and checking out.

I’m so very thankful for Lyn's care, thoughtfulness and gifts in healing. I can’t say enough of how much I have thrived from doing BodyTalk and hypnosis to work through deep emotions and mental statuses to break it down to a level of normal functioning. Thank you so much, Lyn !! "

- Melissa 

Dawn M.

"It is amazing to be off of ALL medications (thyroid, hormone replacement therapy, antidepressants, Xanax) for the first time in about eight years! And I feel much healthier than I did when I was on them.

The crashy fatigue is gone, my moods are more balanced, my hair doesn't fall out excessively, my sleep has improved, the hormone rage and irritability are gone, I do not have extreme anxiety anymore (wow!), hot flashes are infrequent and very mild, heart palpitations are MUCH less frequent, I started exercising more (and lost weight without dieting), and I am working again!

It is such a gift to be off of all of my medications, and to feel truly HEALED and well, rather than just having symptoms treated. Symptoms used to dictate EVERYTHING about my life; it is amazing to be free of them after so long. I also feel empowered because I'm not dependent on doctors and pharmacies anymore.

I only had one other BodyTalk session with someone else before Lyn. Lyn is a star; I'm sure there are other good practitioners out there, but I can't imagine anyone I'd rather work with. Lyn is professional and yet one of the most compassionate people I've ever known. She is an antidote for anyone who feels worn down by the medical system."

- Dawn Maxon

"Since seeing Lyn for my autoimmune disorder and my seizures, I have been able to get off five different medications, including prednisone and Imuran (a nasty anti-rejection medication) and lower my anti-seizure meds. In addition, all of my blood tests are now within normal range!

I'm also becoming more aware of my body and my connection to emotions that affect me physically. The process has reminded me of an onion. You peel off the layers and eventually, the heart of things that are making me ill are surfacing. I'm looking forward to branching out with Lyn on finding the deep belief systems that I hold that aren't helping me.

Through working with Lyn, I have more energy overall. I am also learning to listen to and hear my body. Emotionally I'm ready to let go of the walls I've built to not feel vulnerable.

Lyn has brought me to a place that I'm going back to who I am, which is the healthiest me to be. I'm very excited for the next steps of collaborating with another practitioner that works empaths so I can heal and come back to who I was before all the traumas, stress, bad programming over the years.

Lyn is such a gentle soul and friendly. You feel like you are with a friend who cares. It's not like going to any other therapist, counselor, doctor or practitioner. Lyn makes me feel safe and comfortable to be myself. Lyn is an amazingly caring and I believe empathic human and I am grateful for her heart of learning and growing. I feel like she spreads healing."

- Dawn McCloskey

Julee photo testimonial

"I scheduled a BodyTalk session with Lyn because I was having continuous pain in my right hip joint and it was impeding my active lifestyle. After a small number of sessions, I am pain free and living an active life again!

I was surprised at how quickly I saw results!

What I appreciate about Lyn is that she really knows how to read the body and address the issues causing the pain. Lyn is kind, calm and made me feel very comfortable. I enjoyed working with Lyn and looked forward to my time to just be open and receive from her."

- Julee Hunt 


"I have been a client of Lyn’s since 2014.  I have a few autoimmune diseases which include Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Diabetes. In the last eight years, Lyn has helped me through many medical issues and has helped me work with my body to become healthier.

In October of 2021, I was diagnosed with moderate Aortic Stenosis and symptoms were making my life a challenge. I had heart palpitations, chest pains, dizziness and shortness of breath.
My Cardiologist stated that there was a surgery that would solve the problem, although Medicare would not pay for it until my condition went from moderate to severe and he felt it could take 3-6 months for that to happen. Life was unbearable so I contacted Lyn for a session. 
After I ended my session, I went and sat down and took a nap.  When I awoke, I realized that I had not had any symptoms in hours!!! 
The following days were symptom free and then it went to weeks, where I did have minor symptoms, but they were very infrequent. I continued my sessions with Lyn on a regular basis.
I had an appointment with my Primary Physician a few months after my diagnosis and he mentioned that the murmur was not as strong. 
When I saw my Cardiologist, six months after diagnosis, he mentioned the same thing.
So now I am nine months after diagnosis and doing wonderful!!  I do occasional shortness of breath but am able to live a normal life. 
Thank you, Lyn, for, again, giving me my life back. I know that I will continue to do maintenance sessions with you to keep myself as healthy as I can. YOU ARE THE BEST AND A TRUE BLESSING TO ME!"

- Marta T.

“We began working with Lyn to help my son Reese find a way to get relief from severe stress, migraines, poor sleep, and abdominal pain.

Through working with Lyn, the biggest change Reese has experienced has been less stress and better sleep. I believe these two major changes have helped relieve other symptoms such as headaches. Another benefit to the sessions is that it has also boosted Reese’s immune system and he’s no longer getting sick as often.

During Reese’s session, I’m always surprised at how the body really DOES speak to us in sessions. Every time Reese's body sends a message of past traumas or historical family traumas I'm always truly amazed.

Through working with Lyn, Reese has learned ways he can help himself in stressful moments and he has a daily practice which gives him a benefit for his health and well-being. This is not something we have experienced with other practitioners--being given tools to use at home for self-care.

Our favorite part of working with Lyn is how comfortable she always makes us feel. She has a genuine caring nature and it shows through every time we meet with her. Reese looks forward to his sessions with Lyn and truly feels better from the work she does with him."

- Thea N..

"Lyn is a skilled healer who brings a refined intuition and expertise in many modalities. Whenever my body is talking to me through pain or discomfort, she is my go to professional resource.

Lyn has helped me clear lingering health concerns rooted in times long past. We’ve also worked together to get me into the right energetic space and frame of mind to approach receiving present time medical care.

Her expansive point of view resonates with my own: that the body is capable of “miraculous” healing.”

- E.V.

"Very few practitioners take into account the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of health as Lyn does.

Just having Lyn's attention and support during my health crisis was lovely, but her uncanny ability to identify possible blocks to optimal health over the phone was unexpected.

Working with Lyn helped me become more aware of the impact of emotions and environmental toxins on the body. She was able to identify time periods where emotions and toxins may have contributed to certain health issues. 

I also appreciated how she followed up with me after each session. This caring support was the nudge I needed to reflect seriously on a path to better health."

- Roseanne H.

"I have been suffering from headaches/migraines since puberty. Nothing has worked; I could only ever manage to lessen the pain somewhat with painkillers. Once (often twice) a month (related to my cycle) I would be in immense pain for 3 to 5 days, sometimes out of action: in bed, dark room, silence.

Lyn did a mini session for me 3 weeks ago, and I have not experienced even a glimpse of a headache/migraine in the past 3 weeks. It was astonishing to experience no pain or other symptoms at all! For the first time in 30 years! Yay!

Thank you so much Lyn! Thank you BodyTalk!"

- Laurika B.

"Lyn had insight on the same health issues that 5 hospitals before her spent several months slowly figuring out, and she had even greater detail and specifics than they did. 

I am amazed and grateful. My life changed significantly after working with Lyn. Some of it was immediate, and some of it settled in over time, but our time together was remarkably powerful.
I was already on track for big changes, but Lyn really assisted the process in a kind and helpful way. I consider it a significant turning point that will always make my heart smile to think back on."

-  Jen Awdry

Jessica D testimonial photo

"I had an AMAZING distance Body Talk session with Lyn. During our session we cut some pain I was experiencing completely in half, from an 8 to a 4. Today, 2 days later, I have ZERO pain in that area! ZERO!! Thank you Lyn!"

  - Jessica D.

"My dreadful long lasting cough went away after only 1 session with Lyn. After 2 more sessions, my seasonal allergies drastically went down to the point I am only on about 1/4 of my usual antihistamine than normal.

If you want real results for your immune system, schedule a session with Lyn! I've accomplished more in 3 sessions with her than with years of other interventions!!"

  - Olga Ward.

“I reached out to Lyn because I was getting regular migraines and a debilitating sickness that would come over me regularly. I thought it was food related but then sometimes it would happen outside of any food I could tie it to. 
Working with Lyn helped those episodes become less severe and less frequent. I’ve had minor things but not a full blown episode in the 3 months since we started so that’s great!  
I really appreciated Lyn’s supportive nature and her clear direction. I’m so glad we met! I would recommend working with Lyn, I know you’ll learn something about yourself and your healing process, just like I did. ”  

  - K.K.

"Prior to my sessions with Lyn, I struggled with years of chronic debilitating conditions which left me feeling both mentally and physically damaged.

Once I began working with Lyn, my energy levels increased tremendously and I was breathing properly again. After over six years of struggling from a long battle with chronic pain, I realized there were very few healing approaches that actually worked.

Of those that worked, sessions with Lyn proved to be the most effective. This was effective not only a physical level but on a mental and spiritual level as well. Thank you, Lyn, for providing me with the tools to regain my self-empowerment in a creative, self, and loving way. I finally feel at home in my body again!"

- Carly N.

"I began seeing Lyn for help working through some personal issues that were affecting my ability to move forward in relationships and to keep a positive attitude. Through my BodyTalk sessions, Lyn helped to clear out some old hurts that had me stuck and unable to move on. Through our work together I have been able to recover more quickly when faced with personal challenges. I just feel stronger and more positive after having been through sessions with Lyn!

I really appreciate how Lyn is able to touch upon what's going on with me and has gone to the core of old issues that impact me today. Through that process of finding and clearing out old patterns, I'm much "lighter" and happier. I also appreciate how Lyn has so much gentleness, compassion and understanding.

I would recommend Lyn’s work to others as our sessions have helped both my physical and my mental health."

- Lisa D.

"Lyn has been a joy to work with. I was seeking help with a variety of things that I was having difficulty accessing with my own modalities and she came through each time.

The areas we mainly worked on were respiratory (MD diagnosed as COPD), anxiety and stress (my husband has ALZ), knee pain, and balancing and healing my microbiome.

Lyn's knowledge, intuition, patience and kindness were ever present and helpful. It was interesting to see the precision and thoroughness of BodyTalk in her expert hands.

She is certainly an excellent practitioner and I am delighted that I contacted her to help get to the bottom of my problems and continue my healing."

- Sharon C. Yarborough

Bev photo testimonial

"I went to Lyn out of curiosity, initially.   I didn’t really think I had that much to work on, as I didn’t really understand what Body Talk was capable of.   However, in our first session, we discovered we could work on my allergies to dogs and cats. 

I had got to the point that if a dog or cat would touch my skin, I would immediately develop hives on that spot.   Through Body Talk, Lyn was able to get me so that I am - not sensitive to them.   They can touch me without me having to race for the sink to wash myself down.

Lyn is a skilled practitioner, and she’s very easy to work with.   I am so appreciative."

- Bev Wells

"I took my 6 year old son Donald to see Lyn for BodyTalk to help with life-threatening asthma. Lyn is very good at working with my son, who is a shy child. 

After 3 sessions with Lyn, my son’s asthma is under control, with no visits to the emergency room during the fall when his asthma is usually the worst. My son also hasn’t experienced a serious respiratory virus which usually triggers an asthma attack for him.

I can’t say enough how gently and supportively Lyn tackles chronic issues."

- Boz E.

"I love working with Lyn. She is compassionate, intuitive and methodical in her approach to healing both emotional and physical pain. As a result of our time together I am feeling more centered, focused and finding it easier to ‘let go’ of things that typically cause frustration in my life; for that I am extremely grateful.

At a recent session with Lyn, I walked in feeling emotionally drained and struggling to focus with even simple tasks. Lyn created the space for me to completely shift my frame of mind, and I left feeling grounded, focused, and energized."

- Tracy S.

Allison 2

"Working with Lyn made my puppy dream come true!

I knew Lyn specialized in helping people heal from chronic illnesses, but when I heard that she helped someone with animal allergies all the sudden I realized that I could actually get the dog I’d been wanting!

I’ve been horribly allergic to animals, including dogs, since I was little, but for the last few years I’d really been wanting to add a big dog to our family - and didn’t think I’d be able to get one. Plus, all of our friends in other cities have dogs, so we’d always have to spend hundreds of extra dollars staying in hotels instead of with our friends every time we traveled.

Working with Lyn over 3 months has allowed us to foster a puppy that we are officially adopting this week! I’ve been able to enjoy all the puppy love free from a sniffling, runny nose, clogged brain and itchy eyes and skin (not to mention constantly having to take allergy medicine).

Working with Lyn is so much easier than all the expensive (and often unsuccessful) and annoying allergy treatments and was so much faster too!

I’d recommend her to anyone who has chronic health issues that are preventing them from enjoying day to day life or having a special furry friend added to the family."

- Allison Braun