Unleash Your Healing Potential Podcast

Can Being an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person Make You Sick?

In this episode, Lyn is joined by her friend and colleague, Laura Rowe, to talk about what it means to be an empath, Laura’s own story of discovering that she is an empath, and the connection between being an empath, physical symptoms, and chronic illness. Both Lyn and Laura share their experiences of being empaths as well as what they are seeing in their respective practices.

Whether you are new to the concept of being an empath or someone who is more familiar with that topic, you will gain some insights into a topic that isn’t discussed by many people– how being sensitive might be affecting your health.

Laura also shares a tool that she uses with clients who are learning to manage their empathic tendencies.

For more info on the public talk that Lyn and Laura are hosting in the Portland area of 10/19/19, click here. 


About Laura:

Laura Rowe is an empath, teacher, mentor, and intuitive energy healer, her work is rooted in compassionate empowerment. She is the owner of The Vital Spirit where she has been working with empaths who want to live healthier, more deliberate and authentic lives for the last 6 years. Her website is www.thevitalspirit.net