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Healing from Breast Implant Illness with Stacey Trapanese

Lyn interviews Stacey Trapanese about her experience with healing from breast implant illness and Stacey shares more about what she learned from her experience with this health journey.

If you aren’t familiar with breast implant illness, Stacey explains more about it as well as talking about integrative medicine. Lyn and Stacey also chat about how the healing process is like peeling layers of an onion and that it requires time and patience.


About Stacey Trapanese:

Stacey is a Reiki Master Teacher, Theta Healer, and is currently enrolled in Dr. Stephen Cabral’s Integrative Health Practitioner program. Stacey is an extended member of the first Holistic Breast Time. She sends helaing to women who are going through breast explant surgery. Stacey suffered from Breast Implant Illness and advocates for those suffering from the same. She’s an educator, minister, counselor and healer.

Find her on Instagram @staceytrapanesewellness

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