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Healing from Eating Disorders and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea with Amy Oldfield

n this episode, Lyn interviews Amy Oldfield about her journey to heal from eating disorders and hypothalamic amenorrhea. Amy shares more about how she changed her diet and exercise routines, as well as her mindset.

We also speak about cycle syncing and how to address a wide variety of menstrual and hormonal issues that many women experience.


About Amy: 

Amy Oldfield is an online Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer, with 10 years experience in the industry. She’s been fat, she’s been skinny and absolutely shredded. She’s had multiple eating disorders and hormone balances which led her to lose her periods. She’s been there and done it, and made all the mistakes so you don’t have to!

She’s passionate about the female menstrual cycle, fat loss and strength training. She helps women understand their bodies better, so they can feel great in their clothes, have more energy and easier cycles.

Find Amy on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/amy.norris.58.

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