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How I Healed from Crohn’s Disease with Hilary Phelps

In this episode, Lyn interview Hilary Phelps about her journey to heal from Crohn’s disease. Hilary shares how after trying dietary approaches, she finally found success with Chinese medicine and she has been symptom free for the last 5 years!

Hilary also shares with us more about the new website she is creating called My Autoimmune that will offer a way for those with autoimmune conditions to connect with holistic practitioners and learn more about evidence-based approaches to healing.


About Hilary:

Inspired by her own personal experience of overcoming Crohn’s disease, Hilary’s mission is to empower others with autoimmune conditions to take control of their health. She left her full time career in the pharmaceutical industry to follow her passion and is now building an online platform called My Autoimmune, which will connect individuals seeking healing with holistic health professionals as well as with evidence-based research, to help them achieve their wellness goals.

Check out her website: www.myautoimmune.com


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