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How I healed from IBS, thyroid issues, depression and anxiety with Sophie Shepherd

In this episode, Lyn interviews Sophie Shepherd about how she healed from a number of health issues, including IBS, thyroid imbalances, anxiety and depression. Sophie shares how she experienced gaslighting by her doctors and how she eventually found a functional medicine practitioner who helped her to reverse her issues.

Lyn and Sophie talk about the importance of being the CEO of your own health and finding approaches that get to the root of problems rather than just superficial fixes.


About Sophie:

Sophie Shepherd is the founder of SHE Talks Health & the creator of the SHE Talks Health Podcast

Sophie is a Functional Health Coach focused on helping women understand the interconnection between their period, thyroid, gut and brain health and how to take an integrative holistic approach to bringing their body back into balance. Her mission is to revolutionize the way women claim their health and slay old stories of being in sick bodies.

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and creator of SHE Thrives, Sophie helps educate and empower women around the globe to transform their hormones, brain and gut health through a combination of root cause diagnostic testing, nutrition & lifestyle science so they can finally have straightforward answers to their most mystifying symptoms and get their lives back!

Learn more about Sophie’s work: SHE Talks Health | Sophie Shepherd | FDN-P

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