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How I Healed from Severe Chronic Pain and Other Mystery Symptoms with Cassidy Chapman

In this interview, Lyn talks to Cassidy Chapman who shares her story of how she healed from severe chronic pain symptoms, drastic weight weight gain, and a host of other “mysterious” symptoms.

Cassidy shares how at one point she was able to suppress her symptoms for 5 years to bring some relief but then her symptoms returned with a vengeance. It was in a powerful dream that Cassidy realize that she must become empowered to create her own plan for healing.

Lyn and Cassidy also chat about the issues with Western medicine and a model that focuses on “fixing” things with just one tool- medications and instead how true healing requires listening to our bodies and symptoms and learning to be in devotion and service to our bodies.


About Cassidy:

Cassidy Amber Chapman is an energy activator, mentor and speaker in vibrancy, personal growth, and energetics teaching around the globe. Using a mix of eastern wisdom, her own radical awakening, her profound intuitive healing abilities, and her neuroscience background, she empowers others with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to become the most vibrant version of themselves.

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