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Kindness and Self-Compassion During This Time of Uncertainty with Lisa Tongel

In this episode, Lyn speaks with Lisa Tongel, an acupuncturist, who first shares a little of her own story of how she fell in love with acupuncture and got into her profession and then they dive deep into a conversation about ways to help practice self-care during this time of extreme global challenge with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lisa shares her knowledge about how emotional stagnation can lead to negative health consequences and some great suggestions of ways to help release emotions, as well as to practice kindness and self-compassion right now.

To learn more about Lisa, visit her website.

Struggling with Stress During the COVID-19 Era?

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Living in the current moment in history with the global impact of COVID-19 can feel stressful and overwhelming. We all have heard that stress is bad for our health and our immune system and I want to share a meditation to help your body and mind during this time.

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