Unleash Your Healing Potential Podcast

Responding to Stress Differently

In this week’s episode, Lyn dives into how newer research indicates there are actually more than 1 types of response to stress! While for years we’ve known about the fight-or-flight response, we actually have several types of stress responses and the other options are far less negative on our health!

This episode focuses on the “challenge response” which helps our bodies actually maximize our mental focus and our physical energy and resources without any of the long term dangers to our health that can come from fight-or-flight response being overutilized by our bodies.

If you are intrigued by this topic, check out the book “The Upside of Stress” by Dr. Kelly McGonigal for more info.

Ways to tap into challenge mode:

  1. Make an assessment of your ability to handle the stressor
  2. Consciously evaluate your skills and resources
  3. Remember times you’ve faced something similar in the past
  4. Acknowledge your strengths and preparation
  5. Imagine the support of others
  6. Remember your stress response is an asset, not a danger