Unleash Your Healing Potential Podcast

The Role of Nutrition in Addressing Chronic Illness with Megan Barnett

In this episode, Lyn interviews Megan Barnett, a functional nutritionist, about the role that diet and nutrition play in healing from chronic illness.

Some of the topics we discussed were:

  • Megan’s own experience with autoimmune disease and how nutrition has helped her
  • what functional nutrition is
  • what makes nutrition a critical part of healing from chronic illness
  • the results Megan has seen in clients
  • the answer to is there 1 specific diet that’s good for autoimmune disease
  • interesting information about the prevalence of blood sugar issues– it’s not just Type II diabetes
  • how trauma and stress factor into nutritional issues in the aspects of digestion and absorption 


About Megan:

Megan Barnett works as a functional nutritionist using her in depth understanding of physiology and nutrition to create biochemically tailored nutrition plans that optimize her clients’ health. Instead of using mainstream dietary advice, comprehensive laboratory testing and health history serve as a guide for building individualized nutrition therapies to support peak health.

Megan holds a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Kansas State University and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine from University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. She also holds certificates in mindful eating from University of California, San Diego as well as vinyasa yoga.

Her website is http://www.thefunctionalfx.com