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What 2 Suicide Attempts Taught Me About Finding Joy in Life with Susan Michel

In this episode, Lyn interview Susan Michel who shares her story of being a 2-time suicide survivor. Susan talks about what made her want to commit suicide and what pulled her back to choosing to live.

In addition, we talk about the book “A Course in Miracles,” as well as Susan’s newly released book “Surrender to Joy.” Susan talks about the importance of slowing down, feeling our emotions, and how doing so ultimately leads to healing and joy. We discuss why focusing on positive thinking alone can actually create blocks to the results that we want.


About Susan:

Susan is a 2-time suicide survivor and author of Surrender to Joy: From Suicide to Serenity. Based on the principles of A Course in Miracles, a spiritual thought system that she has studied and taught for 33 years, she helps women identify and process emotional pain so transformation can occur and they can grow and open up to their innate brilliance. In today’s world we are taught that to create a positive life, we must think positive thoughts. That is only partial truth. Without stepping into our pain first, joy is impossible.

Susan initially learned this truth while struggling with clinical depression in 1985. As a young woman, she felt abandoned and betrayed by her dad and everyone else in her life. Her life’s journey hit a major turning point at the age of 20 when she tried to commit suicide twice. With 6 bottles of sleeping pills inside of her, she imagined her father lying over ger dead body in tears. She wanted him to feel her pain. Then she realized that sheI didn’t really want to die, she just wanted to kill the pain.

Her joy was on the other side of all of that pain and she  didn’t have the tools to process it. Once she found them, she found that the keys to true transformation are forgiveness and gratitude.
Her business is Trust Transformational Truth. When we can trust our inner guidance system instead of trying to prove our worth, life starts to flow more smoothly.


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