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How Herbalism, Energy Healing and Breathwork Helped Me Heal with Amy Stein

As part of a new series for the podcast, Lyn is interviewing those with inspiring stories of how they took charge of their health and healing.

Today, Lyn interviews Amy Stein who is an herbalist, an energy medicine educator, and a PAUSE trauma informed breathwork facilitator.

Amy shares her story of struggling to navigate through the medical system over the past 12 years and to figure out what was causing a wide range of physical symptoms she was experiencing.

Ultimately, Amy learned that she had to empower herself to take charge of her own health and not rely on “experts” to figure it out.


Amy’s bio:

Amy’s mission is to educate and empower others who are suffering with physical, mental or emotional health issues to learn to reconnect with the innate intelligence of our bodies along with Mother Nature. She believes we can be our own best healers when we can quiet the internal and external noise in order to hear the body’s messages for healing. Reminding ourselves that we get to choose what is best for us. Her approach is a mind-body-spirit one which uses the “power of the plants”, energy medicine techniques and breathwork to assist in reconnecting you back to your body.


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