3 Areas You Have to Address to Heal Your Chronic Health Symptoms

You might have already tried many different things in an effort to eliminate your chronic health symptoms like pain, digestive issues, fatigue, or your hormones being out of balance.

But over the past 12 years, I have found that the people who come to me are missing at least 1 of 3 key areas (sometimes 2 or 3 of these areas!) that are a crucial part of healing.

Are you curious what those areas are??

The first area is your beliefs, both conscious and subconscious. What I have found is many people consciously say they want to heal and they believe they can heal but their subconscious mind might be playing out another story.

This is in no way to blame you because I have found some of these sneaky subconscious beliefs in my own mind and had to use tools like hypnosis to help me pull them out like the weeds that they are!

You likely received programming from a young age that it is someone else who will heal you (often a doctor) and you have been conditioned to give up your own power.

In addition, many times we have beliefs and thoughts around the things that we gain from staying sick that we often aren’t aware of! These can be things like “If I get better, people won’t give me so much attention and support” or “If I heal, I will have to take on more responsibility.” Again- no blaming here as often these aren’t even in your conscious awareness.

The amazing thing is through the powerful tool of hypnosis, I can help you reprogram your mind so that it aligns with your desire to heal and that your mind feels safe to allow that to happen!

The second area that many people often miss in their healing is to truly understand what their bodies are communicating through their symptoms.

Many approaches to healing simply go into symptom management without ever even getting curious about why the symptom is happening in the first place. This is certainly true of the Western medical system but it can also be true of some alternative approaches to healing. Some healing approaches have a standard protocol for treating a specific diagnosis like IBS or chronic fatigue but don’t dig for the root cause.

From my perspective, every symptom is a message or communication from your body (you might not know what it’s saying and that’s where I come in!) and when we actually understand what it is saying, it can often begin to resolve on its own because we can listen to what our bodies are asking for. This is so specific to you and often why a protocol doesn’t always work.

It is so powerful when we understand WHY we keep having a particular symptom over and over again!

The third area that often gets overlooked is the role of our emotions in our health and healing.

Many times we don’t know how to process the emotions that we are feeling or we are overwhelmed by their intensity and so we have learned to shut down what we feel and push the emotions down and say we will deal with them later. But for many of us, later never comes and our bodies are left holding those emotions for us.

Each emotion that we feel is made up of different chemicals (things like hormones and neurotransmitters) and when we don’t deal with them, our bodies store them in our organs and our tissues! This is why sometimes you can develop a pain out of nowhere (no injury, no obvious cause).

The work that I do with my clients allows us to actually clear those emotions that are stuck in the body, as well as addressing things like traumas and memories of events that still hold emotional charge. Sometimes a pain or symptom can just disappear by doing this alone!

In my signature Heart Fire Healing Method that I use with my clients, I incorporate all 3 of these areas that are often overlooked into the healing process with powerful results! If you are curious about working together using this method, I invite you to book a complimentary no-pressure consultation call where we can explore how working with me and using this method can help you!

3 keys to healing chronic health symptoms

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