Learn How to Release the Trapped Emotion Causing Chronic Pain and Inflammation

A workshop to teach you how to release the stuck emotions behind your pain and inflammation so you can feel better quickly!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have developed pain that feels like it came "out of the blue" - there's no obvious physical causes
  • You have been struggling with chronic pain in an area of your body and all the physical approaches like chiropractic and massage don't seem to help it resolve
  • You frequently experience digestive discomfort
  • You have other physical symptoms that don't have obvious causes 


You may or may not know that your pain and discomfort have their roots in emotional experiences that your body is holding on to.



lyn hiking

Just imagine what's possible for you when:

  • You can do all of the things you need to do each day like grocery shopping, caring for your family, and taking care of your home because you aren't in pain all the time
  • Your energy and attention is no longer constantly focused on pain and other symptoms you experience
  • You no longer spend several days in bed "paying for" doing the activities you want to or need to do
  • You have more stamina each day


This can be your reality.

Lyn energized and playing with her dog
lyn with her dog

But I've tried so many things...

You may have tried many things to resolve your pain and other physical symptoms caused by an autoimmune condition or other chronic health issue but the problem is that you likely haven't addressed the key role of old stuck emotions in creating these symptoms.

For the past 10 years working with clients, I have observed how our bodies are storehouses of any old emotions that we didn't fully release at the time that they occurred.

When these stuck emotions are released from your body, pain and other symptoms can shift quickly!

Because I know the power of learning how to release stuck emotions from your body, I want to teach you how to start clearing them for yourself.

That's why I created this workshop!

In our time together, you will learn:

  • how to muscle test on yourself (a tool you can use for other aspects of your healing too!)
  • how to begin to identify what emotions might be stuck in different areas of your body
  • a simple, powerful, and effective way to begin releasing the stuck emotions that you find from your body to help reduce or eliminate your pain, inflammation, and other symptoms

This workshop will help you have more pain-free days and resolve other unwanted physical symptoms. Plus you will be empowered to help yourself!

Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

Reduce Your Symptoms by Clearing Your Stuck Emotions Workshop

A 2-part workshop to help you become empowered to address your pain and other symptoms at their emotional root!

When: Wednesday March 22 at 3pm Pacific time (90 minutes) and Wednesday March 29 at 3pm Pacific time (45 minute question and answer follow up)

Where: Zoom

Recording will be available if you cannot attend live but I HIGHLY encourage you attend live if you can so you can ask questions!

Investment: $33

Client Love

"I scheduled a BodyTalk session with Lyn because I was having continuous pain in my right hip joint and it was impeding my active lifestyle. After a small number of sessions, I am pain free and living an active life again!

I was surprised at how quickly I saw results!

What I appreciate about Lyn is that she really knows how to read the body and address the issues causing the pain. Lyn is kind, calm and made me feel very comfortable. I enjoyed working with Lyn and looked forward to my time to just be open and receive from her."

- Julee Hunt

Very few practitioners take into account the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of health as Lyn does.

Working with Lyn helped me become more aware of the impact of emotions and environmental toxins on the body. She was able to identify time periods where emotions and toxins may have contributed to certain health issues."

                                                                                                                      - Roseanne Hansel

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