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Are you tired of constantly being bombarded by messages about the newest ways to “lose weight fast” and how quick and easy it can be?

​Have you tried what feels like EVERYTHING to lose some extra pounds and yet nothing seems to work for you, leaving you frustrated and disappointed?

​The truth is that most of these products and approaches don’t work, or if they do, we find ourselves quickly regaining the weight that we lost.

​The truth is that “dieting”  with its focus on calories in and calories burned doesn’t really work because it is based on a flawed understanding.

We are now coming to understand that the QUALITY of the calories we ingest (free range eggs vs. Big Mac) is actually important! Not all calories are metabolically equivalent.

​So what if instead of approaching weight loss as having to go on a strict diet plan of counting calories, get frustrated with our bodies for not losing weight, and being stuck in the same old cycle, we tried a NEW APPROACH??

This new approach is based on rebalancing our individual bodies and addressing what is causing us to gain weight or keep it on in the first place.

Lyn Delmastro-Thomson
Lyn's weight loss

My Own Weight Loss Struggle

I have always had a tendency to gain weight and to have a hard time losing it.

As a teenager, I spent one summer dedicated to regular exercise and focused on healthy eating (not a crazy fad diet, just eating real, whole foods) and yet despite all that effort and dedication, I didn’t lose a single pound!

​I felt like something was wrong with me… WHY did I work SO hard, to not see any change on the scale?

Can you relate?

Now, 20 something years later, I understand that there are MANY reasons why we can be prone to gaining weight and have trouble losing it. And I've finally been able to successfully lose and keep off 25 pounds! Click here to read more of my story.


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A Different Approach to Weight Loss

Lyn Delmastro-ThomsonBecause of my own struggle with my weight since my teenage years, I’m passionate about supporting other women in releasing excess weight, living with healthy metabolism AND doing so in a way that supports the body’s natural processes for metabolism!

The beautiful thing about this approach is that not being able to lose weight is not “your fault” and that we can unravel and clear the unique reasons why YOUR body is imbalanced in the area of your weight!

The reasons we can have trouble losing weight range from:

  • having ancestors who lived through famines and food shortages
  • previous weight loss diets we've tried that messed up our metabolism
  • exposure to a wide range of toxins that muck up metabolism
  • imbalances in the numerous hormones that regulate our weight and metabolism
  • problems with our gut microbiome (too many obesogenic bacteria)
  • old beliefs that have made extra weight a protective mechanism or that tell us "losing weight is hard"
  • and so much more.

With this new understanding and more importantly tools to help shift and heal these imbalances, it is possible to reset our metabolism and help our bodies to release weight!

​Through a combination of energy medicine sessions to heal the underlying imbalances in your body, hypnosis sessions to reprogram your subconscious mind for success, customized lifestyle guidance (focusing on very specific dietary guidance indicated by your body, customized recommendations on exercise, and other factors), and accountability support you can get real results-and ones that last!

Finally feel healthy in your body, not burdened by excess weight and frustrated by the dieting cycle. Get the results you've wanted for years but have never found.

Please understand this is not a "quick fix" and the process often takes somewhere between 5-7 months to get you to your final goals. A longer term commitment is required and there will be lifestyle guidance (what foods are best for you and exercise advice) that is is CRITICAL that you take an active role in following in order to be successful.

Typical investment starts at $800 a month and includes 2 energy healing sessions, 1 hypnosis session, and support between calls.

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