Wherever you currently are on your journey towards unleashing your body's healing potential and living a life of health and vitality, you've come to the right place!

Whether you are…

  • Having some symptoms that you were thinking were "normal" or part of "getting older" but are starting to realize that isn't really true
  • Currently living with a chronic health diagnosis
  • Someone who has been ill in the past and you don’t wish to get sick again

I am here to support you on your journey to no longer have your symptoms or diagnosis run your life.

Finding the right resources to help improve your health can feel overwhelming at times. There is a sea of options out there and internet searches can lead you to feel more lost than you were before you started researching…

I have been on my own journey with holistic healing, one that started back in 2004, and I would be honored to help guide, support, and empower you in making choices that will take you from just surviving in life to actually thriving!

Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

Stage 1:

If you are starting to have some symptoms that you've been brushing off as normal like being constantly exhausted, or having a very difficult time losing weight no matter what you try, or feeling bloated and uncomfortable all the time, or experiencing symptoms that your doctor writes off as "early menopause" but you're only in your 30s, I can help you get back to living in a body that feels GOOD again. 

Our work together might include:

  • A mentoring approach to guide you to implement practical steps and tools for sustainable self-care
  • Diving deeper into supporting your body in addressing the health issues that have been starting to show themselves (including issues like weight gain, hormonal imbalances, fatigue and burnout, physical pain, depression and anxiety, and so much more)
  • Accountability and support along the way to keep you on track

Through our work together, you will feel completely supported in taking charge of your health. As a result, you will likely feel healthier and better in your body than you have in years!


Stage 2:

If you are a woman who is currently living with a chronic illness (whether your diagnosis is recent or occurred some time ago), I would love to help you begin to take charge of your health again so that you can go from feeling like you are simply surviving life to being able to thrive again.

Working with me can include:

  • Addressing past traumas and emotional issues
  • Helping rebalance your immune system
  • Clearing old beliefs about what really is possible for you and your health despite being given a diagnosis that has been labeled as chronic
  • Mentorship to help you become your own best advocate within the Western medical system
  • Support in staying open to the incredible possibilities for healing that exist for you

The kinds of results you might experience from our work together include a reduction or elimination of pain and other physical symptoms, increase of energy on a daily basis, feelings of empowerment, decreasing or eliminating certain medications, and getting back to the life and activities you really enjoy.


Stage 3:

If you are a woman who has healed from an acute or chronic illness in the past and you want to ensure that you maintain your health, I can also support you in a prevention-based approach.

Through our work together, we will

  • Explore how to keep self-care at the forefront of your life on a regular basis
  • Use energy healing sessions to keep supporting the health of your body, mind and spirit
  • Use mentoring and accountability to keep you on track with your goals

Since you have been through illness in the past, you know just how important your health is and by working together, we can focus on ensuring you don’t return to that difficult place of being ill once again.


Step 1

Book a Starter Session

Because many of the modalities I use are better experienced than described, book a single energy healing session at the special rate of $125 to see how what I do can help you.

This rate is only for new client and available for 1 session only. Book that here. Note the number of these sessions offered each month is limited.

Not ready to sign up for that starter session yet? Book a free consult call so we can talk.

Step 2

Receive Your Proposal

If it feels like a good fit for both of us, within 48 hours, I will send you a custom proposal of my recommendations for how we can work together.

Typically this will look like a commitment of 4-6 months for more significant health issues.

Step 3


We typically meet every other week via phone (or Zoom for non-US clients) for 1 hour sessions. You will receive other support in between sessions as detailed in your proposal.

Be ready to see your health and your life improve!

Client Love

Since seeing Lyn for my autoimmune disorder and my seizures, I have been able to get off prednisone, Imuran (a nasty anti-rejection medication) and lower my anti-seizure meds.

Through working with Lyn, I have more energy overall. I am also learning to listen to and hear my body. Emotionally I'm ready to let go of the walls I've built to not feel vulnerable."

- Dawn McCloskey

Not quite ready to work with me?

Get your FREE copy of my guide, "Stop Feeling Frustrated by Your Symptoms and Finally Understand What Your Body is Telling You"!

This PDF is my free gift to you and will help you take a first step on your journey to understand your symptoms and your body's messages to you!

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