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Lyn Delmastro Thomson

We all want to feel healthy and to live the best life possible.

Yet we often have a lot of limiting beliefs, old habits, and behaviors that get in the way of achieving our health goals.

Did you know that we think between 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day and yet most of those are the same thoughts we have been thinking for many years?

Your mind is POWERFUL! But that power can often be used in a negative way that doesn't support your goals for health and healing.

Like many others, I have struggled with limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors. When I was (mis)diagnosed with leukemia when I was 25, I remember initially becoming attached to that label and what I believed it meant about my health and my life. I had to spend a number of years working to heal and address my beliefs about my own health and healing.

And like many others, I've had some unhealthy habits (hello sugar consumption!) that I needed to address and clear.

I know first hand just how powerful the mind can be and how it can be either a help or a hinderance on the healing journey.

That's why I decided to become a Certified Hypnotherapist-- to help others tap into the power of the mind for health!

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Client Love

"I was feeling anxious and exhausted after a fitful night of sleep. I decided to listen to a hypnosis by Lyn.

It was relaxing and restorative. I am focused and ready to tackle the day. Thank you Lyn for this gift of healing."

                                                                                          - Karen

"Lyn is an amazing healer and hypnotist with the biggest heart. I worked with her to raise my self-confidence through hypnosis, and just after a couple of super relaxing sessions, I could already see a difference in how I was showing up each day.


I really appreciate that we didn't just work on the surface level and dug deeper. Lyn asks really powerful questions to make sure that she facilitates sessions that create meaningful and long-lasting transformations. I 100% recommend her to anyone! Thank you, Lyn!"

                                                                 --Alina Nikishina, Business Coach

"Thank you for helping me with a hypnosis session yesterday. I need a lot of dental work. I ended up at the dentist often. I could not take the stress anymore and the energy drain that happens every time I go. So I reached out to you to do a hypnosis session to shift my beliefs and my experience.

After my hypnosis session yesterday I noticed a big change. We worked on how I wanted to feel even thinking of my appointment, then how I wanted to feel driving there and walking into the office. Then of course we worked on how I wanted the appointment to go that I would be calm and that my body accepted the work and any changes and that I would heal quickly. 

So for my dental appt today I was calm getting ready, I was calm and focused driving there, I felt comfortable walking in the door. I was barely in the waiting room 30 seconds and they called me in. I was calm during the procedure. It was so interesting because the staff are always professional and nice to me but today they were over the top, I have a big smile on my face sharing this with you. One of them even gave me a Merry Christmas hug.

One of them made a couple of really funny comments when we were talking about my dental experience which made me laugh. I never laughed at the dentist before. One of the assistants I like came from another area of the office just to say hi to me. It all went really well. Thank you!"

                                                                                                                           - S. P.

Hi, I'm Lyn

I'm here to help you reprogram your mind for success!

So many of my clients come to me feeling stuck in negative thoughts and believing that healing and change isn't possible. Many have tried using affirmations and "positive thinking" and they are still struggling.

The problem is many of these approaches don't address the subconscious mind, which runs our lives a whopping 95% of the time!

Using hypnosis is a powerful, quick, safe and effective way to change because it allows us to access and reprogram your subconscious mind and to get lasting results.


Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

Welcome to Your 1:1 Hypnosis Program

A 3 month journey to reprogram your mind and get lasting change!


During our time together, you will experience:

  • Being able to successfully transforming old habits that no longer serve you
  • Losing the weight you've wanted to lose
  • Feeling calmer and more at peace on a regular basis
  • Letting go of old beliefs that are limiting your healing
  • No longer feeling attached to a medical diagnosis
  • Feeling unstoppable!
  • Enjoying your life more because you are less stuck in old habits and beliefs


I help people who are challenged by patterns and issues like (but not limited to):

  • Feeing limited or traumatized by a health diagnosis or crisis
  • Struggling to believe that healing is possible
  • Not feeling worthy of good health or taking care of themselves
  • Feeling anxious or stressed out much of the time
  • Having difficulty falling asleep
  • Having trouble losing weight
  • Having trouble feeling a sense of self-love or self-worth


Client Love

"The sleep hypnosis audio was a great aid and literally sent me to sleep almost immediately."


– Zoe

Through hypnosis, Lyn has helped me to find my strength and process my trauma in a healthy way. I’ve learned skills to help get out of anxiety states and being overwhelmed.  I also learned to let go of grief and process it as an emotion vs life shattering event. I'm able to use skills she has taught me to be able to move through issues and triggers at the moment they hit. I'm able to stay out of spiraling and checking out.

                                                                                                                                          - Melissa

Your Custom Hypnosis Program Includes:

  • 5 individualized hypnosis sessions to specifically address the issue we are working on and reprogram your mind for success
  • Chat support between session to help you feel fully supported in your transformation 
  • Access to Lyn's growing library of hypnosis audio recordings to provide additional resources to support your healing


Your investment:

$550 paid in 3 monthly installments or $1500 paid in full (a $150 savings)


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Client Love

“Meeting Lyn and finding this resource of self-care for myself was pure joy!

I was experiencing a couple of simultaneous setbacks in my life, lacking love for myself, and working with Lyn allowed me the space to grieve while still honoring myself.

I wasn’t sure how hypnosis worked, but it was a wonderful experience. Hypnosis encouraged me to be grounded and center my mind to incorporate thoughtful statements. These statements are my touchstones.

I feel so much lighter knowing that I now have the tools to check in with myself anytime I’m feeling disconnected, anxious, or a little lost. Thank you, Lyn, for your kindness and support!!” 

- Crista G.

Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

Not Quite Sure About Hypnosis? Read More About the Process!

Many people have only seen hypnosis on TV or in a movie (that was how I was initially exposed to it too!) and those examples might leave you feeling a bit anxious or uncertain.

The hypnosis work I offer is not at all like those examples! You are ALWAYS in control and I will never have you do anything silly or embarrassing.

Hypnosis is a lot like meditation. In fact, after training in hypnosis, I realize that for a number of years, I've been offering clients a form of hypnosis (but without the powerful belief work I now include).

Hypnosis is deeply relaxing and you decide how deeply relaxed you go. Your mind also can choose to accept or reject any of the suggestions or beliefs offered in the process.

You are always able to open your eyes and come out of hypnosis whenever you want!

If you want to learn even more, I suggest listening to this short podcast episode!


Not quite ready to start working together?

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This audio file is my gift to you and is a great way to have a short experience with hypnosis without any commitment.

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