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A Meditation Just for You!

Lyn Delmastro ThomsonWhile there are many thousands of guided meditations available available through the internet and through apps like Insight Timer, sometimes finding just the right meditation for a topic you are working on can feel challenging.

Have you ever started listening to the first few minutes of multiple meditations only to keep stopping them because they don't feel like quite what you are looking for?

I certainly have! Sometimes it is the person's voice or the choice of music or that the description made me think it was what I was looking for but within the first few minutes I realize it isn't what I want after all...

Over the years, I have custom written guided meditations for many of my clients and I often get rave reviews that it is so helpful for what they are working on right at that moment! 

While in the past I've limited these custom meditations to longer term clients, I've had some requests for them recently and so have decided to offer an opportunity to purchase one for yourself!


What sorts of benefits might I gain from a custom meditation?

  • Lyn Delmastro-ThomsonFeeling calmer and more relaxed on a regular basis
  • Deeper ability to connect to your unique healing intentions
  • The ability to relax and let go during stressful times
  • More joy and ease in your daily life
  • Feeling good in your body

Step 1

Purchase Your Meditation

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Step 2

Fill Out a Form

I send you a short form for you to share more info to help create the perfect meditation.

Step 3


I will deliver your custom meditation to your email within 2 weeks time.

What Others Say

"Being an active over-thinker, I have always struggled with meditating on my own and deriving a natural flow to my meditations. Lyn's tailored guided meditations have been extremely helpful and effective for me in calming my ever-racing mind and being able to truly sink into the mediation.

After a week of listening to it every day, I have truly noticed a shift in my mind-set and attitude away from my previous limiting beliefs. Furthermore, Lyn's voice is so calming and I leave the meditation always feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, I would highly recommend!

– Andreana A.

Purchase Your Custom Meditation

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What Is the Investment?

I'm offering these meditations for just $150. That includes me writing the meditation script, recording it, and adding some music if you want music in the background. 

Meditations are typically between 10 and 15 minutes long.


What Is the Process Like?

After you purchase your meditation, I will send you a short google form to complete to help me know what topic you'd like your meditation created on and info to help guide me in creating it for you. Once I receive that, I will work to start writing the meditation script and reach out to you with any questions I might have.


How Soon Will I Receive My Meditation?

Currently, I anticipate it taking around 2 weeks to provide you with the meditation. If the meditation can't be done within that time, I will keep you updated.