Clear Emotional Triggers and Trauma

Stop Having the Weight of Your Past Drag You Down

Have you been struggling with a particular emotion like fear, grief, anger, or sadness for awhile?

Does that emotion feel like it is creating limitations and disruptions in your daily life?

Maybe you have struggled with grief over a loss that happened a number of years ago yet it seems to follow you and just hang on and on.

Perhaps you are angry about a particular family situation and there is a frequent triggering of your anger into disruptive explosion.

Maybe 2020 left you feeling a lot of anxiety or worry that shows up now in your daily life.

In the past, you might have even tried other approaches to resolve these issues but you still feel yourself easily triggered into these emotional patterns. You wonder if these are issues you just have to live with from now on.

What if you could gently, quickly, and permanently resolve that emotion once and for all? How would your overall health and well-being change as a result?

Lyn Delmastro-Thomson
woman feeling grief

What Is EmRes?

The EmRes method connects you to the origin of a stressful emotion through your physical sensations. These physical sensations provide a precise road map or GPS to the origin of the disruptive emotion accessing the body's natural capacity to resolve disruptive emotions.

​At the base of EmRes is a precise process which we call viscero-somatic quieting connecting you to the origin of a stressful emotion through physical sensations.   

By observing sensations from a safe and current place, the brain integrates and updates the obsolete emotional pattern.

The result are immediate and permanent allowing people to live free from the heaviness of emotional burdens.

The EmRes method is a safe and gentle process that does not trigger the original high stress event or require sharing of private details.

Read more at the bottom of the page about where stressful emotions come from and the neuroscience of EmRes.

What Types of Changes Can I Expect from a Session?


  • No longer feeling constantly triggered by the same situations or people that have upset you in the past
  • Feeling peaceful, calm and relaxed
  • Experiencing a sense of lightness in your days
  • Your past no longer dictating your current choices
  • A decrease in your stress level
  • Feeling empowered around old patterns that have held you back for years


Currently EmRes sessions are incorporated into programs for my clients. If you are interested in a single session, reach out to me at lyn (at) to discuss scheduling.

What Others Are Saying About EmRes:

“I was finding myself getting very angry over a political figure whenever I would hear their voice or see something in the news about them. That anger would stay with me all day sometimes.

My EmRes session helped clear that anger from my body. I literally felt it clear as I was working through it with Lyn's guidance. I loved how it felt like I was doing the work, not that someone was doing it for me. I don't seem to get as angry when I see or hear that political figure, and if I do, it doesn't stick with me at all."

– Amber C.

My Own Experience with EmRes

Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

When I learned about this this modality, I was drawn to it without really knowing what it was so I booked a session with a practitioner last fall and decided to work on lingering PTSD I have from a car accident 10 years ago.

In the past, I have worked on that PTSD using a variety of approaches including EMDR, BodyTalk, and hypnosis and have always found a lingering anxiety in the car, especially in times when my daily life is more stressful.

After just 1 EmRes session, I find myself driving calmly without constantly scanning the environment, gripping the steering wheel tightly, or having my heart pound after seeing someone doing something on the road that used to be a major anxiety trigger.

A Bit More About the Science Behind EmRes

Where do stressful emotions come from?

Neuroscience researchers widely agree on this fact, our stressful emotions come from physical sensations generated by false predictions of the subconscious mind.  These false predictions are based on the body's memory of an original high stress event experienced in fetal life, birth, childhood, or any event during life. 

False Predictions
False predictions of the subconscious mind keep us from being in relationship or synchronized to our current reality. We are reacting to a life from a place of outdated information. EmRes immediately synchronizes and updates the body-mind to it's current reality allowing a person to move forward take practical action in life. 

Are results long-lasting?
Once the natural capacity to resolve the emotional stress is accessed through the EmRes session, the emotional reaction to the specific trigger will not return. It is the design of the body-mind. 

How many sessions are needed?
One EmRes session permanently resolves the emotional behavior to a specific trigger. After some time has passed, a follow up appointment is scheduled to ensure the emotion is fully resolved.

Often, there are several aspects of life affected by a person's anxiety, depression, PTSD, and anger, to name a few. It us unrealistic to assume one EmRes session will resolve all anxiety or all depression. However, people often report an improvement of their anxiety in others areas of life. We simply ask our clients, "How is your anxiety (or any emotional reaction or thought) affecting your present day life?" From there the client chooses which area in life they would like permanently resolve and experience positive change. It is a simple approach with profound results.

What Others Are Saying About EmRes:

“The EmRes session on my grief helped me tremendously. First thing that I noticed was a calmness I had not felt in a long time. The calming effect is still with me now.

As I cried, during the session, I felt the pain in my heart lessen along with a feeling of peace.
I strongly recommend an EmRes session, especially if your emotions are not dissipating with time.”

– Marta T.

"I have been a 'worrier' all of my adult life. One of my triggers is  when a family member is out driving. I become anxious when I consider the conditions dangerous - in winter on icy roads & in the dark. When my husband is late coming home, I keep looking at the clock, listening for the garage door to open. It seems like an eternity and the anxiety rises.
Recently I received an EmRes session from Lyn, and I am much improved. When I start to become worried, I use the technique she taught me and my anxiety decreases to much lower levels. I have been using the EmRes technique when I am anxious about other things and it has been helping."

– Ann D..

"I booked a session seeking help to address frustration and fear around physical pain and other issues.  

The session helped to bring awareness to where I was holding feelings in my body and dissipate them.

Now I feel  lighter and less triggered by my pain and physical issues and the process was so easy and helpful!"


– Molly