Healing from Chronic Illness

Is a Chronic Illness Holding You Back from Really Living?

It's Time to Stop Feeling Like Your Diagnosis is Running Your Life!

It's Time to THRIVE Again!

Does any of this sound familiar?

You take a laundry list of pills and yet you wonder if they actually are helping you. You hate taking the pills, don't really believe in medications as the answer but you also don't know what else to do.

The messages from your doctor sometimes feel scary, your symptoms are overwhelming, but you also have the idea in the back of your mind that there MUST be something other than meds.

You're tired of always disappointing the people in your life.

You hate not being able to go out and play with your kids, even just a quick trip to the park like a “normal” mom. There are times your kids are taking care of YOU and that just feels wrong.

You're tired of having to ask so much from your husband or partner. He works to support the family, has to do extra things around the house because you feel so crappy, and you feel like you have little to give in return.

You feel like a bad friend who never is able to go out and have lunch, do “girl time,” or have the energy to plan something nice to surprise your friend.

You feel really ALONE in all of this struggle. Like no one really knows what it is like to be you and to live with this challenge.

You feel frustrated by a doctor who doesn’t listen to you. He maybe spends five minutes in an appointment, doesn’t really see or hear you, dismisses some or most of what you say or replies “That’s just life with chronic illness.”

You're tired of people seeing you as your diagnosis- as lupus, as RA, as fibro.

You remember what it was like to be seen as a friend, wife, mother, worker, kick-ass human but now most people just focus on “How are you doing with your health issues?”


“There has to be more to your life than just taking a pill and living with it,” you say to yourself. And there is...

Imagine Your Life Now...

  • Your pain is at least half of what it once was on a regular basis (and maybe it is gone completely!)
  • You actually go out and have dinner with your friends instead of crawling into bed at 5:30pm
  • You don't need to take 15 different types of medications 3 times a day
  • You have the energy each day to do more than the bare minimum. You are able to resume the hobbies you LOVE (dancing, art, hiking-- whatever lights YOU up)
  • You feel excited about the possibilities for your life again!
  • Half of your brain power isn't spent thinking about your health every day
  • You spend less time in the doctor's office or sick in bed and more time living your life.
  • You spend less money on doctor's appointments, medications, and other treatments that don't seem to get you the real results you want.
  • You are making more money because you aren't always taking sick days or you can now return to working
  • You no longer feel weighted down by the trauma of receiving a chronic health diagnosis or negative interactions with doctors.
  • Your doctors actually listen to you when you go for your appointments
Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

Sound Like What You're Looking For?

For the highest level of transformation and best results, I work with clients who are currently living with chronic illness for a minimum of 6 months. Programs begin at $2400 and monthly payments are available.


What might a customized program include?

  • Mentoring support: topics can include navigating the Western medical system, creating your own unique self-care plan, prioritizing your health in daily life
  • Accountability: check-in support to keep you on track and work through challenges and resistance
  • Energy healing sessions: my primary tool is BodyTalk but this can include other energy healing approaches as well
  • Breathwork
  • Guided meditation practices


Are you ready to explore the next steps?

If you would like to experience these life changing improvements for yourself, I would love to speak with you for a complimentary consultation call.

Client Love

“It is such a gift to be off of all of my medications, and to feel truly HEALED and well, rather than just having symptoms treated. Symptoms used to dictate EVERYTHING about my life; it is amazing to be free of them after so long. I also feel empowered because I'm not dependent on doctors and pharmacies anymore.”

- Dawn M.

“Lyn is such a gentle soul and friendly. You feel like you are with a friend who cares. It's not like going to any other therapist, counselor, doctor or practitioner. Lyn makes me feel safe and comfortable to be myself. Lyn is an amazingly caring and I believe empathic human and I am grateful for her heart of learning and growing. I feel like she spreads healing.”

– Dawn McCloskey