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Creating Routine in Uncertain Times with Lael Petersen

In this episode, Lyn is joined by a guest, Lael Petersen to talk about ways to create some structure and routine in this time where we find ourselves living at home with our daily lives changed in significant ways.

If you’ve been struggling to find a rhythm to your days that gives you peace, Lael shares some great insights and ways to help listen to your body’s rhythm and create some structure.

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About Lael:

Lael Petersen is a mindset and habits coach who helps women achieve their goals of living a healthier and more purposeful life.  She combines her experience as a mental health therapist with the ancient healing traditions of yoga and Ayurveda.
Through her own recovery from addiction and cancer, she realized women needed more than a space to talk about their problems. They needed practical and holistic strategies to prioritize their health and their personal goals. Lael’s professional experience and down-to-earth style make her coaching programs practical, fun and transformative.


Struggling with Stress During the COVID-19 Era?

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Living in the current moment in history with the global impact of COVID-19 can feel stressful and overwhelming. We all have heard that stress is bad for our health and our immune system and I want to share a meditation to help your body and mind during this time.

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