Unleash Your Healing Potential Podcast

From Suffering to Thriving with Kathy Harmon-Luber

In this episode, Lyn interview Kathy Harmon-Luber about her journey to heal from multiple healing crises included several autoimmune diseases and a debilitating back issue that left her bedridden for a number of years.

We talk about the process that Kathy went through to recover from those health crises and what she learned in the process, as well as how our minds can be medicine on the journey.

We dive deep into the importance of simple self-care, listening to our bodies and their needs and working with intuition.

About Kathy:

Kathy Harmon-Luber is a certified Sound Therapy & Sound Healing practitioner and Reiki Master. She is an inspiring author and wellness guide whose passion is helping people navigate the challenging terrain of the healing journey. .

Last year Kathy launched a best-selling book, “Suffering to Thriving: Your Toolkit for Navigating Your Healing Journey ~ How to Live a More Healthy, Peaceful, Joyful Life,” which is full of wisdom gleaned from decades of healing from her own debilitating health crises.

Kathy helps others find their compass and chart a course for navigating illness, injury, and loss – learning how to not only cope but to become more resilient, joyful, and thriving.

To learn more and connect with Kathy:  www.SufferingToTHRIVING.com.