Unleash Your Healing Potential Podcast

How I Healed from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Kate O’Riordan

In this episode, Lyn interviews Kate O’Riordan about her journey to heal from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which she was diagnosed with in her early 20s.

Kate shares about how she used nutrition and healing trauma that happened around when she was diagnosed as a key to her recovery.

In addition, Kate and Lyn talk about the role of nutrition in healing as well as the power of our minds to support the healing process.


About Kate:

Kate O’Riordan, Nutritional Therapist discusses her journey to recovery from severe chronic fatigue syndrome. After visiting a Naturopathic Nutritionist and following her nutrition plan for a few months, she went on to make a full recovery and get her life back. She is now passionate about sharing her message with the world that you can recover from chronic fatigue syndrome and it is not incurable.

She trained to be a Nutritional Therapist so she can help other women suffering from chronic fatigue to have more energy to exercise, get things done and do the things they enjoy. Kate is a firm believer that your body can heal any illness when you support it with the right foods, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes.

To get Kate’s free guide: https://www.kateoriordan.co.uk/guide-3

Kate’s website: https://www.kateoriordan.com


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