Unleash Your Healing Potential Podcast

How I Healed My Rheumatoid Arthritis with Jane Hogan

In this episode, Lyn interviews Jane Hogan, who shares her story of how she healed from her crippling rheumatoid arthritis without the use of medications. Jane shares about the role of diet and other lifestyle changes in finding relief and healing.

Then Lyn and Jane talk about the power of our minds and what we believe as a critical component of the healing process.

Next Lyn and Jane talk about the role of breathwork in healing and Jane even shares a few simple breathwork exercises you can try to help relieve stress and promote healing.


About Jane:

Jane Hogan, “The Wellness Engineer,” blends science and spirituality to help people release chronic pain using the mind, body and breath so they can become empowered creators of their own health.  
Her personal experience of reversing crippling rheumatoid arthritis using natural solutions inspired her to leave a 30-year engineering career and become a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher and wellness educator. 
Combining ancient wisdom with leading edge science, Jane’s Wellness by Design Blueprint has helped hundreds of people release chronic pain naturally. She is the host of the Wellness by Design podcast and her empowering message has been featured on numerous podcasts and summits. She has been published in Thrive Global and Elephant Journal magazines.

Get Jane’s free gift here: https://www.thewellnessengineer.com/breathe