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How I Went from Whole Body Numbness and MS to Traveling the World with Alise Saunders

In this episode, Lyn interviews Alise Saunders about her amazing healing journey from suffering with MS (including almost full body numbess), intestinal issues, and more to how she now is a digital nomad traveling the world with her husband.

Alise’s story is powerful and she shares about how healing trauma and unprocessed emotions were a very pivotal part of the journey.


About Alise:

Alise Saunders is a Digital Nomad Travel Blogger, Bookkeeper, Life Skills Educator, Entrepreneur, Warrior.

In 2020, Alise realized and embraced her dream of being a digital nomad travel blogger. Alise and her husband Gregg let their apartment lease expire, sold or gifted most of their belongings, with no home to return to, and in April 2021, they set out on a transformational travel journey. In their blog, Tales From An Untamed Soul, they provide FREE travel guides for digital nomads to small town gems that remain the heart and soul of America, with images that reflect their authenticity, and share lessons learned as they navigate life and travels.

Alise is a former controller for Hilton Hotel Corp, a Regional Director of Revenue, creating strategies to optimize the generation of revenue, and Director of Human Resources for other luxury hotel brands, while Gregg is a former hotel General Manager for Hilton Hotel Corp with domestic and international experience. Together, they have over 60 years of hospitality knowledge. In 2018, Alise left her corporate life and six-figure salary, feeling like she wasn’t living life fully. She created her first business, a virtual bookkeeping company, serving small business owners, which she does today, from the road. She helps others to embrace their entrepreneurial dreams through a variety of resources, including an e-book, course, and coaching.

From the road, Alise continues her journey of self-healing. Having self-healed her MS lesion, IBS, and arthritis years ago, Alise takes part in intensive trauma healing and continues her lifelong journey of self-love and awareness to be her best self.

Alise and Gregg are having the time of their lives traveling the country with plans to go international in 2023.

website: https://talesfromanuntamedsoul.com/
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/talesfromanuntamedsoul/
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ebook: https://talesfromanuntamedsoul.com/how-to-make-money-while-traveling-e-book-sign-up/


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