Unleash Your Healing Potential Podcast

Make Your One Life Count

In this episode, Lyn shares an interview that she recorded in April with her dear friend Annabel Fisher. Annie was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer and went through the experience of being treated for that cancer 2 times and going into remission. After the cancer returned in late summer of 2018, Annie decided to discontinue Western medical treatment and focus on living her life rather than fighting to live.

While just reading of Annie’s history might sound depressing, this interview is HIGHLY inspirational because her attitude was one of the powerful reasons she lived about 8 months longer than doctors had anticipated she would. In the months that Annie lived, she continue to share her story and her message of how no matter what, we can find ways to enjoy life and make our lives count.

I hope you enjoy this interview and are as touched by this remarkable woman as I will always be and that her message sparks hope and inspiration for you, no matter your circumstances.

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