My Journey to Love (Part 1)

Let me start out this post with a confession… writing this post feels vulnerable. A year ago, I would have NEVER written a post like this and shared it on my website.

It is only through the deep healing work and growth that I have experienced through BodyTalk that you are now seeing this post! Also, gratitude goes to Brene Brown for her powerful books on vulnerability that have helped inspire me to be more vulnerable!

I have been single for quite a few years… not because I haven’t wanted a relationship but for many reasons…  Owning my own business takes a lot of energy and attention. I’m also an introvert and so going out and finding someone at times can be challenging. At times, I have also been focused on my own healing process and not on finding a partner to share my life with.

Last year, as BodyTalk entered my life, I also began to focus more on finding a romantic partner. I have gone to speed dating events, posted my profile on dating sites, and even connected with some matchmakers in town. While I went on dates last year, nothing really significant seemed to be happening.

This January I started a 4 week healing series for women with one of my favorite BodyTalk practitioners. I began to realize how there were many unhealed layers around love and relationship that were blocking me from finding someone to share my life with. I would immediately begin to close down in certain situations and, energetically, I believe the guy I was going on a date with could feel that shutting down. Through this healing series, I began to shed many old layers and beliefs about love, relationship, fears of being hurt, and began to become more comfortable in my own skin. I am more comfortable in my body and with who I am. I am also more connected to my feminine core self.

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Then in February, I decided to sign up for a romance matrix 3 session series packages. Many of my practitioner’s clients have shared that she has been like an energetic matchmaker for them and they have found love after going through this process. After the very first session (within 2 weeks of this session), I went on a 10 hour first date that was truly amazing. I have NEVER wanted to spend 10 hours with someone I just met before…  Usually 2-3 hours is plenty!

My heart has opened and I am now in a romantic relationship.

This isn’t to say fears don’t come up for me or that everything is perfect in my love life. But without this process, I don’t know if I would have released the blocks that were holding me back from opening up to attracting a partner. I could still be frustrated and single instead of learning and growing through being in the relationship I was calling in.

So thank you, BodyTalk, for helping me to open my heart to love and connection!

If you are curious about BodyTalk and how it can change YOUR life for the better, learn more and schedule a session here now!

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