Unleash Your Healing Potential Podcast

What Makes It So Hard to Make Healthy Changes?

In this episode, Lyn explains how our biology (especially our brains) have been hard-wired for thousands of years to view changes in our behavior as dangerous and threatening to our survival. This is part of what makes changing our habits and behaviors feel extremely challenging!

In addition to exploring how we are hard-wired to resist change, Lyn shares ways to tap into our brains to get past those wirings and successfully make changes in our lives.


BodyTalk Cortices Technique

Struggling with Stress During the COVID-19 Era?

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Living in the current moment in history with the global impact of COVID-19 can feel stressful and overwhelming. We all have heard that stress is bad for our health and our immune system and I want to share a meditation to help your body and mind during this time.

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