What Makes BodyTalk Unique?

What makes BodyTalk different from Western Medicine? What makes it different from other treatments and approaches?

Let’s use a simple example as a starting point… Let’s say you have a bad headache that is lingering on and on… You go to the doctor and what happens? More than likely you are given some pain medicine to help with the headache and that is that.

But think about how many different reasons there could be causing that headache- a food allergy, hormonal imbalance, a misalignment of your spine, stress… those are just the first few things that came to mind for me when thinking about this example. Even though there are a vast number of possible causes of your headache, more than likely you will simply be treated with the same pain medicine. Yes, if the headache continues on and on, tests might be ordered to try and figure out the physiological cause but it is possible you might just continue to receive pain meds even when they know the cause.

In a BodyTalk treatment, we are much more interested in the unique cause of YOUR headache. Is it because you keep eating a food that you are allergic to? Or is it because you hate your current job and dread going to work every day? Or is it caused by your fear that your spouse is going to leave you? YOUR story is unique and so therefore the BodyTalk session you receive to address your particular concern will be unique. 

Even many other complementary and alternative approaches to healing often have a standard way of working with a particular problem. A chiropractor will look at how the alignment of your spine might be causing your headache and treat it from that perspective while an acupuncturist will often check your pulses and work with the energy meridians to resolve the headache.

While these treatments can be very helpful and beneficial, they do not integrate together the wide variety of perspectives that the BodyTalk System does- Chinese medicine, bioenergetic psychology, Ayurveda, the latest in Western science (including your microbiome) and BodyTalk is really the only system I know of that asks your body and mind what it specifically needs to address YOUR specific issue.

Are you curious about what BodyTalk can do for you? If so, now through February 29, 2016 I’m offering you 25% off your first session with me. Call me at 503-347-0258 to schedule!

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