Are your relationships not so harmonious?

Would you like to connect on a deeper level and have more harmony in your relationships?

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Many times when we are being triggered by people in our lives, it is because there is some aspect of mirroring going on. We are actually saying we don’t like something about a friend, family member, or partner that is a deeper reflection of something in ourselves that we don’t like. When we address these types of struggles and challenges in a BodyTalk session, we find deeper harmony for that aspect of ourselves that we are actually responding to in someone else and so then we find that their triggering of us disappears.

I have frequently had clients come in and describe a challenge or struggle that they are having with a family member, partner/spouse, or friend and the irritation and frustration that that situation is creating for them. Through a session with me, we can address and resolve the irritation and frustration and bring more harmony to the situation.

In addition, the amazing and powerful aspect of this work is the way that it ripples outwards to those in our lives. By receiving a session and working through a challenge, those around you will often seem to shift as well. That is because we are all connected energetically so that when someone receives a session with me, the waves ripple outwards to those around them.

BodyTalk has simple yet powerful and effective methods to balance us to our environment, which includes the people that surround us.

When we are in more balance and harmony with the environment around us, including the people in our lives, we feel less reactive to situations. Things that people say that in the past that might have triggered us no longer trigger us. Habits of our spouse/partner that used to drive us up the wall don’t seem quite so annoying. And this leads us to be able to have deeper, more meaningful, and more satisfying connections with the people in our lives.

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