What is BodyTalk?

So What Is BodyTalk Anyways?

BodyTalk is a consciousness based health care system that differs from the Western medical model and from many forms of energy medicine because of its focus on the importance of how ALL parts of our bodymind work together as a whole.

In the Western medical model (based on Cartesian thinking), there is a focus on the various “parts” of the system. So if something is not working properly in your body, a doctor or other practitioner will look for which part is the problem and treat that part with medication, surgery, or replacing it with an alternative part.

BodyTalk is instead based on the idea that the body is not a collection of independent parts but is instead multiple systems that interact with each other and are dependent on each other for their own functioning. This means that every single atom, cell, organ, and system in the body needs to be in constant communication with all the other atoms, cells, organs, and systems in the bodymind complex at all times. Often, stress disrupts this communication in our bodies (think about the idea of stress blowing fuses in the body as an analogy here) and BodyTalk helps to re-establish better communication (and therefore “reset the fuses”). In addition, BodyTalk takes into account the impact of things like the external environment and the patient’s relationship with family and friends on health and well-being.

How Does BodyTalk Improve Health?

So if BodyTalk is based on the idea of improving communication throughout the bodymind complex, then how does it do this?

During a session, the BodyTalk practitioner uses yes/no muscle testing to communicate with the innate wisdom of the client. What is “innate wisdom”?  Innate wisdom is simply the idea that the body has a natural intelligence and ability to heal itself. Think of how the body immediately takes actions to start healing when we cut ourselves or twist an ankle. The bodymind knows what to do to heal itself, BodyTalk just helps facilitate and expedite this natural health process. In a BodyTalk session, we are asking the innate wisdom what areas of the bodymind are needing healing right now and so it is this part of us that knows that directs and guides the session.

Through the muscle testing, the practitioner is able to determine which body parts, organs, systems, and other elements of the bodymind are asking to be balanced, harmonized, or to have better communication with other parts of the client. Gentle tapping over the head helps to implement the changes in the brain (and the whole bodymind) and gentle tapping over the heart helps to store the changes so they can continue to be implemented.

BodyTalk is Not Just About Healthcare

While I use BodyTalk in my practice to help individuals who are experiencing illness and the physical symptoms that often accompany stress (headaches, upset stomach, body aches and pains), BodyTalk is SO much more than that.

One of the most amazing things that BodyTalk can help with is to support you in being more in harmony with the people in your life, which is why I love using it to support women with love and relationship issues!

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