Relationship Blocks: Trust Issues

Do you find it difficult to trust your romantic partner? Are you always second guessing whether he is really telling you the truth about things (big and small)? Do you find it difficult to open yourself up and be vulnerable? If so, this post is for you!

Trust issues

In the very beginning of a relationship, I would say proceeding with caution is wise. A new love interest needs to earn your trust and, when you don’t really know him yet, he hasn’t had a chance to prove himself to you.

However, once you have moved to a stage where you are exclusive and committed to each other, trust should be building and developing and you should not constantly be worrying that he is lying to you or that you are not safe to start opening up in deeper ways.

If you do find that you struggle with trust issues, working through them and getting support is an important part of being able to develop a deeper relationship. Continually acting like you do not trust the man you are with will likely eventually drive him away.

Here are 3 strategies for beginning to work through trust issues:

1) Spend some time reflecting on the roots of your mistrust. Journaling about this can be helpful.

Consider the following: Are you mistrustful of this particular man or have you been mistrustful in all of your past relationships? Are there particular things that trigger your feelings of distrusting him? If so, how likely is it the things you are worried about true? Has he really given you grounds to believe he is not being truthful? What would a good and trustworthy friend say about your concerns?

If you notice this that trust issues are a theme for you, getting support to work through the deeper issues that are causing you to not trust anyone might be necessary. If you haven’t noticed mistrust in past relationships, perhaps your intuition is trying to tell you something about this particular situation. In that case, proceeding with caution might be wise.

2) If you noticed a theme of mistrust in many past relationships, seek professional support. This can come in the form of talk therapy or something like an energy medicine like BodyTalk.

I have supported many clients by using BodyTalk to work through underlying trust issues that come from past relationship hurts (whether in family relationships or romantic ones) so that they can release those fears that come around trust and being hurt and be more ready to open to love. The awesome thing about working with an energetic approach is it gets to the roots of the issue and removes the charged energy from your body, mind, and spirit.

3) Talk to your partner openly about your concerns. If you have reflected on the roots of your mistrust and find this is a big pattern for you, telling your partner about this and that you are planning on seeking support to work through the issue can be important. He likely is noticing your distrust of him and if you don’t discuss this topic openly, there is likely an elephant in the room between you which can drive you further apart.

Talking about your concerns is also a great initial step of being vulnerable on your part.

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  1. Siedah Mitchum on February 26, 2015 at 10:28 pm

    I can admit this is a issue I have with people not just people who I’ve dated. It tooks while for me to break this habit even after I met my (now) husband. The one thing I think would have helped is if I took some time for ME after a breakup. I think you really need that time to evaluate what happen, forgive, and let go. Can’t really do that when you jump back into the dating pool.

    Live and learn!

    • admin on March 2, 2015 at 6:40 pm

      I totally agree that time and reflection is essential, Siedah!

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