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After experiencing a year full of so much change, challenge, and uncertainty, many are looking to manifest positivity as we enter a new year. And one of the best ways to do this is by creating a peaceful home environment.

So to help you bring more positivity, peace, and zen to your home, we reached out to experts across the country – from Portland, OR to Salem, MA – for their best advice. From being more mindful of the energy in our homes to incorporating crystals and calming scents, here are 15 simple ways you can create a more peaceful home this year.

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1. Begin the day by focusing on your heart until it feels relaxed and open. Then visualize light emanating from your heart with the intention of connecting every being, every inanimate object, the rooms, corners, floors, ceiling, and yard with this energy. You can play around with color in your home, such as blue light to calm anger, pink light to attract positivity, or green light for health and prosperity. – Sacred Transformations

2. Use crystals to harmonize your home. Place Black Tourmaline by your front door to protect and repel all negative energy. For your bedrooms you can use Red Jasper and Green Calcite to help your energy relax and feel grounded. At your work table place Citrine, Pyrite, or Green Aventurine to bring vibrations of prosperity, growth, abundance, and success in your career. Lastly, add Shungite near your laptop to protect and shield you from EMF. – Sugar, Be Crystal Clear

3. Minimize energetic clutter in your home by limiting items to only things that you love and bring you joy. Take a look around your home. If there are things that trigger negative feelings as you look around, extend gratitude to that item, and then release it – no matter how much it cost, who gave it to you, or the sense of obligation you attach. You’ll feel a significant increase in your sense of personal peace when you release the things that are no longer serving you or bringing your joy. – Brenda Winkle

4. It’s all about the energy and intent you set for your space. Simply setting the intention for a more peaceful home, the energy will shift naturally. It doesn’t have to require buying or rearranging furniture if you don’t want it to be. I love lighting candles, a fire, or some incense and setting the intention for the space to become more peaceful, the highest frequency possible and zen, and even more loving if you’d like. You’ll be amazed at how powerful this simple practice can be. – Crystal Heinemann

5. Diffusers can help create a more peaceful home. Set up a diffuser in your bedroom and in other areas where you spend most of your time. Great scents for relaxation include lavender, bergamot, vetiver, and chamomile. The sense of smell is one of the key ways to quickly calm your nervous system. – Heart Fire Healing

Peaceful Home 26. Self-care is key to creating a more peaceful home. Start by creating a space in your home that is just for you. A space where you can meditate, breathe, practice yoga, qi gong, state affirmations, or whatever you feel will bring you peace. Make it easy for yourself to take a minimum of 10-20 minutes out of your day to focus on self-care. Be sure to pick a place that can be dark when you need grounding and relaxation or bright when you need to feel uplifted. – Chi For Healing

7. Leave technology at the door. Encourage yourself and those who live with you to detach from their cell phones and social media in certain rooms of the house. Technology has become another layer of stressful distraction, and we need to take periods of digital detachment to properly observe ourselves and our experiences. Perhaps you can make the kitchen a phone-free space to ensure organic and distraction less connect. – Erin Doppelt

8. Find a quiet spot to surrender. Create a space with a comfy chair you can sink into to clear your mind and let go of your worries. This spot can include a pillow and blanket, a favorite crystal to hold, and be sure the space is free of clutter. Then settle into that comfy chair, hold your crystal while closing your eyes, reconnect your breath with your body to notice any tension, and then release stress with each exhale. – Jessica Roth, Jess Kay Crystals

9. Open up your living space and let the positive energy flow. A tight, crowded living space not only encroaches upon you physically, but also mentally and spiritually. So cast out the clutter, embrace wide-open spaces, keep flat surfaces clean and clear, and place objects that delight in your line of sight. These shifts help promote peace of mind, engage your focus in the moment, and create beauty and harmony. – Krishanti

10. Clear the energy in your home and fill it with love. Energy clearing is one of the most powerful ways to make your home feel more comfortable, bright, and beautiful. The simplest method is to use your voice to speak your intention and request. For example, saying phrases such as, “Please help make this home a sacred space for rest and nourishment, where I naturally let go and relax. – Isa Dona, Spiritual Healer & Transformation Coach

11. Learn Reiki. Reiki is an easy method of energy healing that you can use to calm your mind, heal injuries, and make yourself feel better whenever you want. Anyone can learn Reiki in just 2 days and then you can send yourself pure positive energy just by placing your hands on your body. You can also help heal your family and friends, your pets, and even your plants. – Healer Source

sage smudge12. Be the sage and smudge. This is an ancient technique of clearing and lightening up not only one’s energy, but the energy of your environment. Simply light sage and wave the flame out gently, allowing the smoke from the burning of the sage plant to softly billow into the room. Stand at the center of the room and waft the smoke around yourself and the room with your hand; clearing your energy and the energy in the room. – Gwendolyn C. Natusch, M.Ed., MSW, The Center for Personal Evolution

13. To feel more supported in your space, try grounding it. Grounding is a common exercise for bringing your energy back into your body but you can do it for an energetically scattered home as well. Sprinkle some salt on your floors to connect to the element of Earth, and soak up any negative energy at the same time. Then just sweep or vacuum it up. For hard surfaces, you can follow up with a magical mopping by adding a few drops of an essential oil that brings you back to your body when you smell it. – HausWitch

14. Scent is a powerful way to calm and soothe. During these challenging times where many people are working and learning remotely, your home can retain odors you’d prefer not to have linger. Lighting a soy candle in your favorite scent or diffusing lavender essential oil or a refreshing citrus blend can make your home more relaxing and peaceful. – Jenn Aubert

15. Increase your home’s positive vibes by adding green plants or fresh flowers. Then pull open the blinds and let the light of the moon and the rays of the sun clear negativity and energize your home. Healing stones can also make any room vibrant and feel more zen. – Gabrielsen Healing Center
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