Are the products you are using making you sick?

Beauty products courtesy freedigitalphotos.netOver the past few years, I have become more and more aware of all of the different products that I use in my life. It started with using more natural cleaning products as I have had a longtime sensitivity to harsh chemicals and the fumes they contain. I’ve also always been sensitive to artificial fragrances in things like lotions.

But as I have stepped further and further into my own healing process and have also been called to become more knowledgeable so that I can support clients on their path to health, I have been learning more and more about how various products like lotions, makeups, and skin products of all types contain a very long list of chemicals that can be harmful to our health.

Several months ago, I learned that the last law in the US to regulate the safety of personal products was in 1938! 1938 was a LONG time ago AND so many chemicals have been created since that time period. It was also shocking to me to learn that there are only 11 chemicals banned from use in personal care products in the US, while in the European Union there are over 1,300!

I’m writing this post because this is important information that we ALL need to be aware of. Toxins are easily absorbed through our skin and those toxins can then contribute to developing a wide range of health issues- from autoimmune diseases, to allergies, to even cancer. Toxins in products contribute to epigenetic changes in our bodies (changes in genetic expression), which are the major cause behind most disease.

Now that you are aware of the problem, what can you do?

Continue to educate yourself on the topic. There are many great resources to support learning more about toxins in various products. The Environmental Working Group has great resources to help you learn more about key ingredients to look out for. Another company that makes great products that exclude all chemicals banned in the EU and on a mission to change the industry is Beautycounter.

Look for products with a short list of ingredients and try and go as natural as possible by using things like coconut oil to help moisture your skin.

Some key ingredients to watch out for include: BHA, BHT, DEA-related ingredients, coal tar, formaldehyde,  dibutyl phthalate, parabens, parfum, petrolatum, sodium laureth sulfate, and triclosan.

While it may seem scary and overwhelming to navigate all the products out there, there are companies that do focus on educating consumers and providing safer products for us all.

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